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Was two in a row so the so that saturday was a to nothing lost on aaron nola day that's not good should not lose games at aaron nola pitched trevor richards toss six innings of shutout all for the marlins and then yesterday fills blew a five nothing lead gave up eight runs in the fifth and they lost ten to five dropped two straight to the marlins there half game up on the braves and the national league east when six and five on the road trip there fifty three and forty two at the break tonight is the homerun derby reese hoskins is taking part yesterday was also the world cup i forgot to mention this at the top of the four o'clock hour i'm sure big daddy would have done that yesterday was the world cup in france beat croatia for two i feel bad for dario dario wanted croatia the win and dario sharks did not get to see his nation win a world cup but tim taylor wa boo cavero did get to see france when a walk france went did you see the pictures of france going nuts france went nuts like they had parties five different streets france france was a party yesterday after after the france when the world cup yeah it's you take the phillies world's up now world series well phillies world series celebration or eagles super bowl celebration mix by times of i just turn that into an entire country instead of just one city wild it was it was absolutely crazy so france won the world cup for the two all star game for the phillies aaron nola is tomorrow in washington all right so i also this this also happened over the weekend this to me was the highlight of the weekend on friday chase utley announces that he's retiring from baseball right he didn't a really funny way he opened up the press conference saying i know there's a lot of speculation as to why i'm holding this press conference i just want to let you norm citing a five year extension with the dodgers the media got a big kick out of that but no he's retiring he feels the right time he wants to be a fulltime dad he's nearing forty guys had a heck of a.

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