Nancy Sinatra Sr., Frank Sinatra's first wife, dead at 101


Ten pm kfi am six forty more stimulating talk michael should pay with the news the griffith observatory was evacuated because of a suspicious package for several hours lapd officer mike lopez says the bomb squad was called out the scene after the item was founded about one this afternoon the all clear given about three hours later at four earlier this week more than two thousand people were ordered out of the observatory and its surrounding park griffith park because of a wildfire a bus rolled over and crashed on the ten freeway in downtown la and chp officer roberto gomez says the bus with thirty two people on board rolled over on the ten at the one ten connector at about four this morning that were transported nonetheless considered major injuries that was point from palacasino in route to create most of the people riding on the bus were asleep at the time of the accident the says they're still looking for the reason why the fiftythreeyearold bus driver lost control of the vehicle frank sinatra's first wife nancy sinatra senior has died her daughter nancy sinatra junior says her mother passed away peacefully last night she was one hundred one nancy barbados sinatra was born march twentyfifth nineteen seventeen in jersey city new jersey she was the first of frank sinatra's four wives and the mother of his three children they got married in nineteen thirty nine in divorced in nineteen fifty one after frank had a string of affairs about six thousand people are celebrating what he this weekend in oklahoma akina oklahoma normally has three thousand residents but the population has grown to six thousand this weekend as music lovers gather for the woody guthrie folk festival that celebrates the singer best known for this land is your land reformers this year include grammy winner jason mraz and arlo guthrie daughter and woody's granddaughter antigun three festival organizers says people come from as far away as scotland and australia for the festival which continues through tomorrow land was made kfi new brady's of the world or going extinct marsha middle kids won't be around because millennials don't want three children anymore all the time women's lifestyle magazine the cut says middle kids are becoming a rarity as family planning trends from the nineteen seventies have essentially reversed pew research center says in nineteen seventyone gallup info showed having three children was the ideal in the late seventy s more than thirty five percent of moms between forty and forty four had four children are more.

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