U.S. tells China's HNA to sell stake in NYC building near Trump Tower: WSJ


We've talked about h.. A. on this program before the Chinese conglomerate trying to. Get rid of, debt by selling off some assets well now comes news that one of its trophy Manhattan real. Estate properties, is getting some attention from Washington more from Denise Pellegrini eighteen says it's getting questions from powerful US government investment panel about ownership of. Eight fifty third, avenue near Trump Tower an HR rep says the. Committee, on foreign investment in the US has raised, concerns about some, quote unique facts and, circumstances regarding the building's, location, the. Twenty one story building houses one of? Only two police precincts within, a, mile, of Trump Tower HA says it's taking steps to address syfy as concerns. And also says it's not true that the. Trump administration is, poised to seize a majority. Stake in the building But h day has been shopping. The property around along with other real estate

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