Congo’s latest Ebola outbreak taking place in a war zone

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Start with the new and very worrying outbreak of the abode of virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo is just two weeks ago, the authorities they had to Clinton early outbreak in the west of the country to be over that success was put down to the rapid response approach device after the poorly contained epidemic in west Africa in two thousand thirteen to two thousand sixteen, but now more than two and a half thousand kilometers way in north key province near the border of Uganda, they've been thirty six deaths as we record this program, some of which have already been confirmed as Ebola. It's the same strain as before, but the outbreaks probably not actually linked the problem in dealing with it as the deputy director of emergency preparedness. Peter Salama. The World Health Organization told Claudia Hammond is this outbreak is going to be far more challenging to contain and even riskier. For the medical staff involved. The outbreak is centered around Mela beco- health zone, and particularly around us Motown cooled, men Geena. That really is the epicenter of the outbreak. We are however, receiving notifications of suspected cases that go beyond this particular healthy area and health zone. So they're being investigated in there more than thirty suspected cases currently. That this outbreak is completely separate from the one that was only declared over a couple of weeks ago. Is it because it's it's so far away across the other side of the country. We don't have definitive evidence as yet, but nor do we have any reason to believe that these outbreaks connected the distance between Ecuador, province and north keeping provinces is around two thousand five hundred kilometers. We know that this outbreak is likely to have taken off towards the end of July, and there were no active cases in the Equitor outbreak. After early Jews, how worrying is this new outbreak? This outbreak is extremely concerning in the Ecuador outbreak. I spoke of number of complicating factors, logistics affected health workers were infected early, which is, of course a ruse fan publication. The fact that the sites were much close to forested area. The fact that we have multiple sides simultaneously to address in terms of outbreak response. The fact that we also had proximity to Buddha's. So in this outbreak in northern kiva province, we have all of the above, but above and beyond. All of that here, the biggest constraint is security. There are more than one hundred groups in the North Kivu province more than twenty highly active and there is of operation really of Aleppo. Unfortunately, we've many of the areas which we're going to have to cover to reach all of the context out of the eight million population of northern kiva. One million people are internally displaced, so it's a population on the move, so that must make it much more difficult to work with communities. If you've got communities. So broken up on areas of conflict, metro difficult, much of this province is in UN security level for and what that means in practice is that many of the roads will have to travel alone who require escorts. Now, staff will require security, pistol protective equipments and not just the regular PP. We're used to using any Bill. Outbreaks to protect from infection, and we'll be relying heavily on the UN to help us with negotiations if needs be with some of the armed groups in order to access the population.

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