Tour de France 2018: Cyclist Kicked Out Of Race For Punching


On PBS at, eight o'clock sometimes I feel like that's Doug, thing on FOX new. Episode of, so you think you can dance that's. At eight o'clock and NBC has what seems to be a hit? This I have only watched it, like one time but American ninja warrior seems to be a pretty big deal for NBC that's new at eight o'clock followed by new dateline NBC ABC has a new episode? Of the bachelorette we're getting down to the. Wire so there'll be? A selection very very low. Followed by new episode of proposal at ten o'clock and on, CBS a couple of new shows nine o'clock is brand new. Salvation and at ten o'clock a brand new. Elementary and don't forget shark week going to yeah I wrote that, down it is shark week that's right all week long there you go shark week where the network every there Thrills jumped into open water with all kinds of sharks last. Data, Ronda Rousey also yes. And our under they've. Got good. Celebrities this year. For I think you're jumping sharks these guys start cages Tonight Hilarious with white abyss But then show shark NATO on that this on scifi Yeah this is real eight o'clock Drew. Sharp NATO isn't true it's fake and this is why I wrote it down because you know who's going to be on monster tax night at eight. O'clock, on discovery grubbed like shrunk I forgot about that yeah Aaron Lindsey. Vonn and gronkowski will be on shark week this week I'll be happy to hear that the performance on Thursday on. The view Janine Pirro being, totally get the blank out of the studio? By by what b b has ended in the New York Times Sunday bestseller list having Ginny, Perez book number one so Janine barris said yesterday she's mega my number one who is that. Even if it looks. Like the. Same old retreaded stuff that you always read from those folks but you can thank Whoopi for making it number one and would be doesn't really care One of those things okay let's get to some sports news Jennifer, on the tour de France one of the writers was tossed for punching at competitor wow Just get mad. So Age Italian cyclist Gianni Moscone has been expelled from the two thousand. Eighteen tour de France after TV images showed him throwing a punch at illeg Esparta rider from the fortune AO Sam sec. Team What is there but what is that what's that team why maybe, another Italian team a rival team yeah race officials and team sky reviewed footage of the incident because you know all of this televised they put, it, on TV, after, the. Conclusion of Sunday stage, the tour de France commissaries use an article in the UCI regulations to come to their decision citing acts of. Violence among riders in a statement skies team principal. Dr Sir David braille suffered said Johnny is desperately disappointed in his behavior and knows that he has. Let himself the team in the race down we will address this incident with. Johnny what's tourist I just thought that. If any further action should be taken also why he punched bike pick deal I would like to offer my apologies. To both LA Gaspard and team fortune I. Sam stick for. This unacceptable incidents video footage showed Moscone churn and strike a blow. In the direction of Gaspard as the chew road in the peleton the incident happened during Sunday's stage fifty Eighteen from allow this is. A really good story guys from allow To Carcassone. Where the riders will enjoy arrest day on Monday The names story this is one of, those things that like I don't understand the tour de France. But people really love it. And I don't really get. Him it's, like golf to me I just don't, get it but people the guy that was with the singer three. And a half. Weeks long and people keep watching Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong lost it's best to go on tour to raise your right on that Pretty sure that was from Canada You. Got cancer from riding those bikes that's those those little Testicle actually just fell. Off after that way..

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