Trump administration announces $12 billion in aid to farmers affected by tariffs


Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Shay Stevens the Trump administration plans to help American farmers hurt by its own trade policies NPR's Brian Naylor reports, that, the, government says it is making an estimated twelve billion dollars in emergency. Aid available to farmers farmers especially hog farmers and soybean growers in red states have felt the brunt of retaliatory tariffs placed on agriculture by China and other nations that the Trump administration. Has penalized with tariffs on their exports agriculture, secretary Sonny Perdue said the age shows the president, has the, farmers backs the programs were announcing today or. Affirm state that other nations, cannot bully our agricultural producers to force the. United States to cave in the aid will include direct payments to, some farmers the government will buy the crops of others many, foreign, state, lawmakers on, both sides of the I'll say the Trump trade policies are hurting their farmers but on the. Other hand they, don't want the government bailing them out Brian Naylor. NPR, news, Washington Georgia's secretary of state Brian Kemp is the Republican nominee for. Governor after winning GOP runoff in that state Tuesday as Georgia public broadcasting Stephen Fowler reports one time frontrunner Casey Caygill is pleading party unity heading into the November election in early and. Emotional concession speech Lieutenant governor Caygill said he, would stand behind camp as the party's nominee speaking, to reporters, Caygill said there was no doubt a last. Minute endorsement from President Trump, turned the tide against him and we saw We are Charted, a course and we thought we could overcome by This is the most. Powerful man, in the, world in his hometown of Athens Kemp agreed. Telling supporters the endorsement and a rally from vice President Mike. Pence, poured gasoline on the fire of their. Momentum campuses. Democrats Stacey Abrams, in November for NPR news I'm Stephen Fowler in Atlanta if seventy national park is being evacuated and hotel and campground reservations are being canceled because of a, nearly thirty eight thousand acre forest fire park ranger. Scott get him insists extreme caution is being. Is needed as crews tried to fully contain the flames as these firefighters, are working in this area for. Strictly for visitor safety we have to close the roads we can't have vehicles on that. Road because you've got. Firefighting equipment and you've got firefighters you've got, air operations Gettleman says the valley portion of the part. The heart of visitor experience will be closed through Sunday. The so-called Ferguson fire broke out. Nearly two. Weeks ago the death toll from Greece's deadly wild deadliest wildfires, in decades has climbed to at least Seventy four on Tuesday rescue crews searched for people who might have been trapped by flames. Engulfed popular summer resorts. Near Athens the fires are being fueled by, fifty mile per hour winds that frequently changed direction that. Broke out on Monday afternoon but the calls was not. Immediately clear the prime minister is. Declared three. Days of national mourning this is NPR news President Trump says. He'll. Propose to European officials that both sides drop all tariffs barriers and subsidies Trump has floated. The idea in the past but he tweeted Tuesday that he doubts that Europeans will go for it the president says it would be finally called free at. Market and Fairtrade Trump tweeted earlier Tuesday the trade partners must either negotiate a fair deal or pay tariffs Britain's Prime Minister Theresa may says she's. Taking control of negotiations. With the, European Union over, Brexit as Teri Schultz reports maze announcement comes after her government publicly declared that the. UK will continue to follow e you law after the split Theresa May's Brexit secretary Dominic Robb is. Giving the clearest picture yet about the transition period which is planned to last roughly eighteen months after Brexit's finalized next, March in a new report rob says. During that period it will be necessary to keep e. You laws and your Appear in court of Justice. Rulings in place so businesses and citizens will only have to deal with one set of changes. Once the UK establishes its own laws and its relationship with the. EU. Currently being negotiated rob is also dealing with public concern about the possibility no deal will. Be reached he told a parliamentary committee the government will make sure there are adequate food supplies if talks fall apart for NPR news I'm Teri Schultz in. Brussels on stock markets in Asia shares are higher following mixed trading on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average gained one hundred and ninety seven. Points the NASDAQ up. Diffraction and the and s&p, five hundred added thirteen I'm Shay Stevens NPR news in.

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