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This isn't the first time a musician has been accused of stealing from gays hits in two thousand eighteen and appeals court ruled robin thicke and ferrall had to give up fifty percent royalties to as a state after it was deemed they borrowed heavily from gay song got to give it up and their smash hit live that's abc's diane macedo reporting in the rivers of bolivia the species as allusive as it is exotic swims in the amazon river pink dolphins are legendary in that part of the world but their numbers are dwindling rapidly can if you dedicated scientists helped save the species abc's victor kindo has the story the dolphin of the amazon river is a living legend in at the end of two thousand seventeen or first links the world wildlife fund is on a mission to tag fifteen dolphins twelve brazil colombia bolivia just studied their health and behavior the group consists of fishermen and scientists scientists fear pink river dolphin is to extinction due mostly to mid made threats like finding putting deforestation waiting for them under ted's is a big ship award pink dolphins can only be of the water for just under sixty minutes with the clock ticking veterinarian carlos sanchez entertain hydrate the dolphin to lower its stress as they conduct a physical the researchers know its tail then take tissue and blood samples to test for mercury toxic substances and general health scientist don't know for sure how these freshwater dolphins get their pink color hypotheses include diet water quality and sunlight exposure but they do know they get pinker as they age and as quickly as it keno dolphin is returned to the water dolphins are known as an indicator species highlighting the overall health of the amazon if they're doing well so is the river depor station has been changing the water deforestation is an ongoing concern leading the tracking charge is a biologist and director of libyan ngo to know how far the travel how far trevor in the river searching for fema searching for family searching for four with the examination complete the tagging begins each tag pool ping data back to a satellite once a day because.

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