Apple unveiling latest iPhone today


Eighty today. I know a lot of you are Android users out there. But there are some apple folks as well. And it looks like apple expects to go big with the unveiling of its new iphone checking in now from Chicago is our pal. Jeff monosso apple product unveiling this afternoon in Cupertino California expecting to show off three new models, including Apple's biggest iphone ever with an LED screen approaching six point five inches. Santa price tag to match the other two phones apples likely to introduce will be the five point eight inch iphone access and the iphone X are a lower cost version of the current iphone X with upgraded storage and cameras. Apple's also reportedly expected you upgrade its entire product portfolio including new apple I watches. Jeff monosso, Fox News. Well, they're not slowly roll in that stuff out. Then are they going to be a big it's going to be a

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