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Incredible movie. I must I must confess I've often wondered if If Reynolds part in that movie increased the amount of amateur archery in this country. I've always always wondered that. Of course, there was the. I that the ground roof in that movie was that if you could stay on that baby for eight seconds of buzzer would sound, but I could be wrong Reynolds Reynolds was quoted as saying in his auto biography that he wanted to get everything out of life that he could from all that I've read it would sound as though he did that I would think so too. I think he I think even when we had him on as a TV guest on the TV shows running. He felt that he was very he could really come to peace with like who he was his celebrity is his start on and his life. And of course, the son was, you know, obviously, his only heir very significant to him Quinton Reynolds, Loni Anderson, and you know, he was equally as open about his love life. You know, even coming out in the two thousand about the fact that Sally field was the one that got away. Yeah. Which I found fascinating. But having lived through that romance that on and off romance. You know, we wanted. The sweet girl that you know, flying non Sally field to, you know, win over Burt Reynolds, even in the face of competition, like like, lobby Anderson for Pete's sake. Come back and talk with the Jackie Jordan, a two-time any nominated TV producer, the author of get on TV. The insiders guide for pitching, the producers and promoting yourself. And by the way, I'm sag after and dish

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