National Hurricane Center, Florence and US discussed on Dave Plier



A one our top story. You've heard about the tropical storm Helene located west of Hellene tropical storm Isaac has formed in the eastern Atlantic. And is now the ninth named storm of the twenty eighteen Atlantic hurricane season. According to the National Hurricane Center Isaac will continue moving west over the weekend and could become a hurricane by Monday. And then there's Florence tropical storm Gordon never quite got up to hurricane strength. When it finally came on shore on the Gulf Coast earlier this week, but its remnants are lingering producing flood threats through a wide swath of the US. Patrick Burke of the national weather service continual, kind of moderate to heavy rain from Missouri on over all the way to Pennsylvania New York through the weekend and tropical storm Florence is traveling up from Bermuda towards the US. Yes. And it could turn into a hurricane. There's no way of knowing yet where it may hip Stacey Stewart of the National Hurricane Center says the storm will produce recurrence

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