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Nick Kristof, New York Times, Pelosi discussed on Pod Save America


Let our foreign past couple of decades. So what can people do to is is this about pressuring Pelosi and the House Democrats to make sure that they vote on this very soon take office? Yeah. I mean, look, I think it'd be great. If people do a few things like there have been some champions for this Bill conscious row Kana Bernie Sanders. Chris Murphy, Mike leaves Republican tell them that they're great and give them a shout out. And then I think people should call their member of congress. If you care about this and say, please ask house leadership to schedule a vote the first week of January like days minutes hours, actually matter here kids are dying right now. And so hopefully Pelosi will say, yeah, this is no brainer. We should absolutely do this because I don't know the argument against and if they don't. The political consequences for these five will be severe. And if you if you want to know, just how devastating this war is I think Nick Kristof has been doing a great job writing about this in the New York Times, you can read some of his up ED's. And they published pictures of of some of these children who are dying of starvation. It is yet hooking off. So Tyler Hicks is an amazing photographer. Declan Walsh, another New York Times. Reporter they went into Yemen. They did speak piece a few weeks back. That is like it's devastating to look at. They deserve a lot of credit. Also credits. A Chris Hayes in Nick Kristof for doing really great reporting staying on top of this. So check out their reports. If you wanna learn more, but you know, it's. I've never been this that that vote was the angriest I've been congress in a really long time because it's so nonsensical. Outrageous. But the stakes are so big, okay. When we come back. We will have love interview.

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Nick Kristof, New York Times, Pelosi discussed on Pod Save America

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