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The most in nfl history the entered eating twenty six yards to pass rounded more for the yardage record ninety five right now rod smith in the back fields thirty three seconds dallas one time out 381 tonight low thirty set a prescott shotgun step orbital vdh the grab he's got the record as yet at the vets off the courtyard of charger territory by adrian phillips that's a gain of towards fourth down and j switch now has the most yardage receding of any player in nfl history get doubter a nice pick up by britain were the great tied ends in the history of this game in them i talked about earlier he doesn't have the athletic ability once hand but his his knowledge and understanding of leverage and how you walk off a defender three states four is quarterback the find them is remarkable it's fun to watch a tape in obviously they have a huge advantage why not thanksgiving every year and he just broke herbivores record shortage new long career before it got to play every thanksgiving as well in baghdad rightfully so you talk about great died ends it is league you always mention this wednesday charges just called a timeout they of one left leading threenothing punt you did for the cowboys chris jones to do the duties left or right travis benjamin return has been nullified great punts today by jobs key to the cowboys a high sat liquid kick shot the gear directionally angle to the far left ventured at a snail's exploiting for gloved righthanded makes the fair catch just north of the fifteen yardline wide six seconds remained once i'm after the chargers suggesting is after the player to your point there's a break score the chargers three the cowboys nothing sixteen seconds to go before halftime you're listening to the get a bell allies would want knbr 6'8 and now oh page from the diary of laoag dear diary i got the brushoff again i don't get it is there something wrong with the way i wave elbow wrist although risk well that little bassett hounded knowledge me i'm friendly i give everyone peace of mind when homes through progressive should be jumping for joy when i walk by richer seventy church when you bundle home.

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