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John stolnis you can follow me on twitter at john stolnis. We've got a busy podcast coming up. We're gonna take a special look at the new york giants. What's been going on in training camp for them over the first couple of weeks. We're going to talk to zach rosenblatt. Who is a giants beat reporter for nj advanced media. We're going to talk to him about a whole range of issues going on with our buddies from up north. Plus we'll get into some news from around the nfl a quarterback signs a huge contract extension over in the afc and the washington football team dealing with some pretty serious cova issues. But we're gonna start off the podcast talking about stuff going on in the eagles camp right now and of course most of what eagles fans are talking about doesn't really have anything to do with with what's going on in training camp. It has it has to do with the future of the quarterback situation and to shawn watson. What is going on with the houston. Texans starting quarterback at least for now to shawn watson on friday was not at practice for the fourth day in a row and the texans. Clearly they don't know what they don't know what to do with him right now because the the league has an suspended him. They can't really do anything but they don't wanna put them out on the field because they are fielding trade tom. They're feeling trade pitches from from other teams. So there's obviously something going on here. He's obviously being shopped around. And there's all kinds of smoke around the eagles as us of course heard by now you and you've heard it refuted to buy by other sources but you know i. I still think that because there's been a reluctance to name. Jalen hurts as the starting quarterback for this team. Because we know it's not going to be joe flacco that it feels like there is. There is a real chance. That the shawn watson could come to the philadelphia eagles at some point in the next couple of weeks now per mike florio. The texans have made it known that that they're willing to trade shawn watson but the problem is that they still want too much for him. According to florio per a league source the texans still have not softened their trade expectation. Exp- expectations for watson despite the lingering uncertainty regarding his career that those are florio's words there and then jay glazer fox sports during the hall of fame game went on tv and basically said that the texans have stopped returning phone calls from teams. Who are interested in watson. You wonder why that could be i. Think glazer's speculated. That is because the texans are getting low balled for watson. Whatever that might be. We've heard from some folks i think. Nfl networks tom. Pillow scenario it. Pella cerro an ian rappaport said that the asking price for watson is at least three first round draft picks. Espn later confirmed. That report netted that houston is looking for a combination of five. High draft. Picks end starting caliber players. Espn sarah bishop says that. The texans don't feel like they've received a serious offer. Well that's you know for a guy who might miss half a season because of all the sexual assault selection sexual molestation allegations that are against him and The fact that the texans really don't have any leverage you can see why he is still in houston and so. The texans had a quarterback that they really can't play. He wants to leave. He does not want to be in houston The texans want to get rid of him. They owe him ten million dollars this year but then thirty five million dollars in twenty twenty two If he is indicted he will likely land on paid. Leave according to Mike florio so there's all kinds of on field and off field stuff. And i think most eagles fans generally just don't want this guy on the team for for all the off the field reasons they're onfield reasons not not to get him but specifically the asking price and the money. You'd have to pay him but really nobody wants the headache. And this would be a huge headache you'll be you'll be something that would just dominate the headlines. And you just don't want a guy like that on your team. Sometimes you just don't want to root for a guy like that especially as your franchise quarterback but i still. I still don't think it's going to happen. I do not think. The eagles are gonna trade for a shawn watson and i would rather hold onto those draft picks and get a guy without so much baggage. Go after aaron rodgers next year. Go after russell wilson next year. If you wanna veteran quarterback and you think you're relatively close to the super bowl but again. I don't think the eagles contention for being a super bowl. Contender is going to be next year. I don't think twenty two thousand twenty two. The eagles are thinking super bowl. Which makes a trade for aaron rodgers and or russell wilson. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I really feel like this is an opportunity for the eagles to just go go even with even if two two first rounders and a what could be a high second round pick depending on how the colts do without carson wentz for much of the season if that's what ends up being a second rounder two. I should still be able to get you to move up to almost wherever you want to go in the draft next year and get whatever quarterback you want. If you decide you don't want to move forward with with jalen hurts i. I wouldn't pull the trigger right now. I don't see the urgency. I just don't sense the urgency. There was nothing around to shawn. Watson off the field. I would say yes. Go and trade for him. Give up three i give up the two you have next year and maybe give up the one the year after that and you know give up you know you wanna throw a player in there. I don't know who it would be. Maybe you're throw andre dillard in there i don't know how much trade value he has probably not a whole lot. So maybe that's a nonstarter at that point but you get my point you know. Maybe maybe you do that. For a young franchise quarterback. That doesn't have all the off field baggage. And just would be a distraction and a black mark on your franchise so but the fact that he has all that surrounding himself and the fact that you're not ready to contend right. now i just. I don't see the urgency. I'd give jalen hurts the season. Let him play. Let him see see what he looks like again. I think it's unfortunate hurts. Is going to have one season to do this. But i'd rather go that route then then go out and get the shawn watson right now for a king's ransom it sounds like houston's asking price will have to come down at some point in the next week or two if they do want to move now another player that has suddenly hit the is requesting a trade from his team is Pittsburgh steelers wide receiver james washington. He's a fourth year player. He's expected to be in the mix as one of the steelers outside receivers but right now he seems to be on the outside looking in chase klay pool who burst onto the scene as a rookie last year. seems to have one of those spots pretty much locked down and dante johnson is probably him in the pecking order as well and so the former second round pick is looking to get out of pittsburgh he. He played in the hall of fame game. The other night had to targets did not did not make catch. You know. I am ben rothlisberger and and he has not really been able to get on the same page over the years last season. He only had thirty catches for three hundred ninety two yards and five touchdowns but in two thousand nineteen. He started ten games. Played in fifteen and caught. Forty four eighty targets for seven hundred. Thirty five yards and three touchdowns. So i had one pittsburgh. Steeler fan described him as aggressively average to me. And i watched highlights in anytime you're watching highlights of the kid and i've seen him play a couple of games and he he. He's one of those players. He hasn't really had a breakout game. So he's kind flown under the radar but he's a guy who has some size he. He's a field stretcher. He but he can catch the ball over the middle. I like how he's able to break some tackles..

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