China, South China Sea, World War discussed on BBC World Service


South china sea the chinese claim is that china is the first country to discover to maim to develop the islands those claims they say is based on almost two thousand years of history they say that chinese seafarers including fishermen went to the south china sea and they discovered islands fast forward to the second world war between 1930 nihin 1945 the entire south china sea was occupied by japan was japan's defeat at the end of the second world war china despaired should naval vessels to reclaim sovereignty mouney forty five a couple of years after the end of the second world war the chinese government published a map of the region with a line drawn around the south china sea and encompass most of the water and all of the tiny islands there was no explanation as to precisely what the line meant but it was clear the chinese were claiming territory though still an unresolved debate among skull news about what exactly the public china government was claiming at that time embed unresolved debate is very much at heart recent controversies over the current people's republic china's claim to the south china sea from john says that china believes it has the best case arguing that other countries and became interested when oil and gas surveys carried out the chinese claim has always being that before the ninety 70s before resources were discovered nobody in the region contested chinese claims in a while while they're consistent arguments is that china's claims the south china sea has been more consistent historically than any of the other claimants states if i went to beijing or share would i find that if i stopped someone in the street they would know all about the south china sea i think it would come to them as an issue of territorial sovereignty is an issue in bear dudes in the narrative of the century of humiliation since about one hundred years between the nineteenthcentury maternity century a time when china fails foreign powers had the upper hand so recovering lost territories asserting sovereignty rights over those territories this is a very much part of modern china's nation building project mm an expert witness says the average person on the street in china would also make another connection they will also recognized that there is economic and strategic stakes in the south china sea would a who shot does she said abortion dotras for battered div onto by the night fashionable clothes state of the.

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