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Know cancer. The researchers basic scientists when they saw this sort of data they were doing handsprings. And so I think that It's a good sign and they're very skeptical so they had no skin in the game of lime disease they were just pure biochemists cameras. Drug developers And so I think again. It's you know if we have the resources to do this we could be in the clinic in a short period of time. I mean within five years to three years yeah It all depends on how much researcher opt to drive and so outside of Resources than one of the primary barriers diagnostics fix it. which is it seem surprising in some ways to get to a new drug? You actually need new diagnostic and so and watching your talk. You know it was one of my reactions. was how cool would it be to be able to actually see the brilliant right. But it's actually becomes a mental Sort of us be like a companion onion diagnose which is The thing would happen cancer right. A companion diagnostic which in most cases and cancer turns out to be a mutation for drug that targets the butane the protein in work therapy for a particular phenotype of cancer So we could develop the you know penny diagnostic. You're right. The challenge is always the FDA requires the population an indication. You can't just say we want to treat everyone with chronic illness with us us You have to have something on the label You can you. You can do that with and you can do it with Lysol Ram because they're approved and you can just your doctor will prescribe it. You could take it. Yeah but for a new drug you need to have an indication. Yeah now it's interesting unfortunately no longer the FDA commissioner but a good friend of ned sharp losses.

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