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The shooting death of josse ruis intercity heights apartments earlier this month release was found dead the day before father's day by her father police suspect dominique grady but say they're still working to understand the motive for ruiz's killing a national city firefighters suffered burns on his lower back this morning fighting a blaze near westfield plausible nita it happened when the firefighters stepped into a whole of waist deep water and then fell onto the fire he's been released from the hospital and is expected to be fine partly because of his gear that he was wearing on his back a santee woman is hospitalized after a para sailing accident in mexico it left her dangling in the wind for forty five minutes before crashing to the ground twenty nine year old katie malone is expected to recover it's mostly cloudy and sixty three degrees am seven sixty k f b talk and breaking news cbs news update thirty eight year old jared warren ramos is the suspect being held by police in annapolis maryland accused of shooting up the officers of the capital gazette newspaper yesterday killing five people and wounding sue cbs's kylie atwood is there police said that ramos had a certain vendetta against the newspaper they said that there were some threats against the newspaper bills has said that more than one hundred and seventy people were safely evacuated from the crime sandrine was apartment in laurel maryland has been a focal point of the investigation overnight w usa tv's mike valero is they're looking for any computers any kind of traffic devices that the suspect left behind here is that would further clarify what sort of threats made in the past few days or so towards this newspaper and potentially other individuals news an article on ray buses facebook harassment of a woman he knew in high school that started this long feud with the paper cbs news update i'm jim am seven sixty kfi md please dot com join the conversation using the retallack t hotline eight six six nine zero seven.

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