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Let's see here We have John lonsdale cofounder managing partner 8 VC a U.S. based venture capital firm which manages $4 billion Something is strange here mister producer Why all these individuals these investors these finance guys there aren't many reaganites on the Reagan border directors ladies and gentlemen and McLaughlin core locus is Steve Forbes is Then you have Susan McCall businesswoman former diplomat and philanthropist She served as the U.S. ambassador to the republic of Austria under whom And is currently president of S and R capital investments We have Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch those are two reaganites Peggy noonan really a reaganite name only Ted Olson used to be an old buddy of mine but he's crossed the railroad tracks Gerald parsky chairman of aurora capital Jim Patterson chairman chief executive officer for sole owner of the Patterson group Canada's third largest privately held company I know that was here oregano Condoleezza Rice very fine lady but she worked for Bush Paul Ryan he was never a great Reagan item and he wasn't think tanks and so forth Then Sutton junior founder and chairman of teal capital private equity company with investments of portfolio business including riddle and bloom and so forth Robert Todd will I know haven't talked to him in decades I actually worked with him in for him and presidential personnel he is clearly oregano and Pete Wilson who's clearly a reaganite very very good man who I met this summer just terrific But there's the board of directors of the Reagan foundation and library mister producer doesn't it Strike you a strange There's very few reaganites on this board I see very few people who worked in the Reagan administration as reaganites I really do Couple Tops Mostly the people here are financial people Financial people not people of founding and constitutional principles as I say there are some You've got the Murdoch you've got Forbes Tuttle Wilson and so forth But the rest I don't think president Reagan in his heyday is president would have recognized most of these people They got two former advancement including the chairman of the board he now runs the Washington How do you how do you run The Washington Post And the Reagan foundation unless you really clever and slick I would say They hated Ronald Reagan at The Washington Post Hate them Very strange indeed I suppose I won't get invited back there Mister Peterson And we saw that place out in record time 7 8 minutes Chris Christie was there I saw that on the line With 300 people watching We had 1500 and more And sold out in 7 or 8 minutes Because I'm oregano Because I can't paint for him in 76 and 80 Then I worked in his administration for 8 years I would never be CEO of The Washington Post even if they offered it to me not that they would of course but conflicts with my principles My views It's just pretty amazing You know the Nixon library has invited me over and over and over again to come out there Maybe that's where our go on my book comes out next time Because I just bet that their board of directors is more regulate than the Reagan I'm just guessing I don't know Look I don't have an axe to grind I'm just troubled by it That's all Very troubled by it Let's see here Why don't we pull up the Reagan library mister producer the speakers that let's see here I'm just curious The executive team speakers maybe I'll have to do this after the break because I can't do it while I'm on the air Reagan library speakers Let's see what kind of people they've had here I know Ryan hates Trump Fred Ryan and Paul Ryan and noonan and the rest of them I know that Let's see the speakers line up here Oh look at this one Representative Liz Cheney This is the 2022 lineup of speakers You ready for this folks She's listening Ross do Todd of The New York Times Joni Ernst good lady Micah Garcia good guy Larry Hogan governor of Maryland Mitch McConnell condi rice again a good lady but not oregano senator Ben sasse So all the Trump haters many of them Liz Cheney Larry Hogan Mitch McConnell Ben sasse You have here individuals in the case of Mitch McConnell Mitch McConnell was never recognized 76 he back for it Larry Hogan was never ranking guy He's a liberal Republican is more Democrat So you really do have to ask you look at the lineup of the speakers here It's really quite remarkable Now let's see They've had a time for choosing speakers series Which is very interesting title With leading voices in the conservative movement House speaker Ryan former vice president Pence former Secretary of State Pompeo former New Jersey governor Chris Christie Seriously Governor Nikki Haley senator Tom cotton senator Tim Scott Good Peggy noonan No Liz Cheney.

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