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Offenses feels versatile. I'm not a hundred percent sure. That is going to work if you were just in the middle of a quarterback battle jamie's number one pick. He's started all the gas head start in a long time. But he's a starting quarterback. Am i just supposed to assume that jamie's rhythm wise he gets into it is going to be cool or at least be at his best if tastes coming in and tastes averaged seventeen snaps with drew brees. That tastes man. Starts getting seventeen. Snaps with james winston. Do we think that in a hunt to be versatile that that could actually hurt janus mrs rhythm as he's trying to find some flow within the offense. No i don't think so And rodney here. Since told me a long time ago that the league has a way of humbling. You and that's what what's happened. He was he was the pick that he was and he had the the career that he's had so far and he's had to go to a new place in the savage himself and this is one of those situations where he's got a. It's no longer about him. Being the number one of a number one draft choice or or the starting quarterback. He's got a show that he can contribute to the team in a meaningful way. Not put the team in bad situations by making poor decisions and and being able to use tastes them as a as a supplement to that as a way to take reps off the opposing defense and in preparation for janus that. That's a huge benefit. That is a significant bennett. Benefit for james to have but it's also a very strong reminder that if you don't take care of the football which is the most important thing you have to do and the nfl then there is someone else that is going to come in and take care of the football and and having that consistently there is a good thing. The only pushback i would have to. That is who who. Who's who's that guy that's gonna come in and take care of the football it's not taste mill is sack. Turnover machine like they. I mean the. Maybe it is to me. And i'm the only guy john trevor siemian that are like. Hey why wasn't he in this battle. But i mean maybe that's who it is but here's the reality of it. This is interesting. Because james wasn't number one and eisman trophy winner and there. Are this kind of odd taste. Mill stands out there so the because the saints for the last fifteen years have been a super relevant team but that bill has now come do and the same no matter who won. This quarterback battle are going to be back like. That's the other element of it. There's a lot more saints talk in the off season there. Once the season gets going they spent all that money coach. Put it on the credit card. Put it on the credit card. Wanna win one withdrew wanna win withdrew the salary caps. Fake will push money down. The road would voidable years with all this stuff and now that roster is thin they actually still have a decent amount of top level players but there will be injuries and their second and third level. Guys are non-existent. michael. Thomas is still. We don't know when he's coming back. After the week one injury he suffered like teen lecco. Oh he's not in a position to contend for anything this year. So i get why the hope is. Hey play james. Because if he learned from a year under drew learn from. Sean payton got his eyes fixed. He's always had a bunch of talent. Because they've james can be a fifteen interception guy. he's a good quarterback. I know that's more than you would like but fifteen you can handle one journ over a game. You can handle given the fact that he is such alive arm and so that's like what this year's about figuring out of james comey their quarterback moving forward because they're not going to be a good football team this year. You to your point about paying the bill they do have to pay the bill and and and you know eventually you have to make really tough decisions but but you say if it's fifteen turnover fifteen interceptions that. That's one part of the equation. But it's also. How many touchdowns is it. Twenty thousand fifteen interceptions or we assuming that it's going to be thirty touchdown interception. Yeah i it depends on what that ratio is and his ratio has never been very very good. And when you're a good team it's hard to overcome turnovers if you're not a good team it's almost impossible to overcome turnovers. So if you feel like your defense is solid if you feel like you can run the ball effectively and you can manage game. Sometimes you have to do that in order to win and look. I'm cheering for james. I think that that he's an exciting player. he's a he's a likable guy. It you wanna see everybody get a second opportunity and take advantage of it and the most important question he asked to answer is if he's able to now fix this this problem and i really hope he is now history tells you that that you know guys tend to be who they are six point. Are you setting up to fail with the with the way that roster set up and who they've got right now we shall see. Hey long road to the big game just beginning. Which team is more likely to make it back to the super bowl this season chiefs or box. Break it down on the other side. Versing spurs on a friday tomorrow called football kicks off on fox. Big ten battle awaits dual threat adrian martinez lean nebraska against illinois one eastern on fox and the fox sports don't for some stores historic morning sponsored by ram trucks built to serve and we are talking about the last two teams standing last season in the nfl. The bucks and the chiefs pro. Football focus has kansas city with the league's highest projected win total of twelve and a half then brady in the book sitting right behind them at twelve put last year's super bowl teams be this year's super bowl teams. All right nick. I got a really strong feeling. I know which team you trust more to get back. Tell us why the chiefs will we play in super bowl. Fifty six well denied actually rather tell you why the box will not be because you are correct like everybody knew. Here's you will be there because you. How do you get to the super bowl. You gotta win three playoff games. Unless you're the chiefs you only have to win to ever your homes have been the starter. They have a by. How do you..

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