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Bar for a and sharks rotor for south of the city twenty four north bound to crash has two lanes taken before route twenty seven in Brockton that's backed up from route one twenty three it takes an hour to get from rain to rand off David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three zero thank you we checked out the four day WBZ accu weather forecast meteorologist dean devore when's it going to end well this storm not until late tomorrow this is a long one so it like it is that the actual low pressure is out in the Midwest it's got this first piece of stuff that's come through this morning we knew about this it would be kind of slushy the slippery in the city in an icy inland that I seen is inland is gonna hold on so like an in Worcester you're probably not gonna get above freezing told very late this afternoon into this evening but even those areas will get up into the upper thirties at the coast we could be well up into the forties and fifties later today and this evening so this rain line moves farther inland as the morning and afternoon wears on this will go back to winter Tomar system rain heavy at times especially on the coast later tonight into early tomorrow morning and then we'll have to see if the colder catches of quick enough to turn it back over to some snow in land colder for the weekend mainly dry maybe a little rain or snow shower Sunday will keep an eye on that on WBZ bosses newsradio we've apparently flip to like rain here in Boston thirty four degrees visit the ninety nine restaurants every Thursday night in the bar for fifty cent bone in wings and to play trivia for a chance to win a fifty dollar gift card to the ninety nine and other great prizes the ninety nine restaurants always the real deal good morning six twenty five look at New England business this morning you know chances are you're cheating on your spouse there's also a chance you think that's okay I first of all we're talking about infidelity with our finances but more than a quarter of us.

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