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And that's probably what the folks or spencer ware say and right now they're listening but really i mean it the whole situation just doesn't make any sense to me i mean it up and i'm i'm hoping that we can get the money year aaron have them talk to less so weekend their lineup reasoning and what are people supposed expect in the future do you feel safe i mean if if use club on the ice and get to the banged up don't know if it's a sprained her break a are you going to go to so much term urgency if you have a choice a going someplace else they have confidence that the patient care is going to be adequate and that's that's the biggest concern you know we talk so much about these doctors leaving and you know we we feel bad for the doctors seen i hate to see anybody out i work but ultimately this is about patience is what it is and and it sounds to me like the sentiment out there now is okay what are we going to get if they put us in the back of the ambulance take us to assume a hospital what we got to get are we going to get the best care now they say yes what do you take him at their work that's that to me is the biggest thing it's about the patients ultimately i feel terrible for the doctors i really do they'll be okay in the long run i mean they're doctors there's a demand for those around here so they'll be okay and get it make hide or hair have the what happened the contract negotiations apply this even happened in the first place not really.

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