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But we're going to be seeing a lot more. He because of the luis severino problem where we take a quick break. Now gonna come back and talk about that. Welcome back to the go yard podcast. So the luis severino conundrum. Obviously the way you look at it is it. it's exceedingly i. It's exceedingly frustrating. Because you see. Chris sale coming back against the for the red sox and he's got this wild whip pitching motion. Everything about it looks unnatural. He was predicted. Tommy john candidate forever because you know. Obviously all pitchers break to a certain extent but everything about chris. Sale looked unnatural bizarre like a vulture strange. Not the way you teach it and he finally it seems like he's injured at the end of two thousand nine hundred nine. He sort of getting shut down. Getting the prp injections and stuff twenty twenty. They finally decided to go for and give them the tommy. John any misses the requisite amount of time. He misses the time that you need. We have from the surgery. He comes back and he's you know no setbacks through all twenty twenty one looking good looking strong building himself up You know at the minor league level is throwing a lot of pitches. Maybe he's not missing bathroom his fastball. But you know by and large. He looks like chris sale when he comes back facing the orioles helps that but e basically looks like chris sale that that's what's happening luis severino of course shoulder issue in twenty nineteen so forgets forgets when game. Three of the ale starts in two thousand eighteen one of the most depressing moments of my phantom. That's insane whatever. The real story was didn't seem prepared for that game got blasted by the red sox and what was a pivot game on route to the red sox world title so the red sox win the championship that year after one hundred wins in the regular season. Maybe they don't if luis severino is an ace and deals in that game. Three and then suddenly. You're up to one the next night gary sanchez. Almost it's a grand slam against craig. Kimbrel that's closer than you remember. Especially because once again the lost that game like nineteen one or whatever they lost it but if severino is severino instead of some poor facsimile. Maybe it's different. Shows that for twenty nine thousand nine hundred hurt. He's just sort of on the shelf. You rarely see him. it's a shoulder. it's constant setback. Finally comes back to the very end of the year throws three starts. All of the starts or more like relief appearances. They're quite short gets to the postseason doesn't have his best stuff beats. The twins gets out of a bases-loaded no out rally. That was pretty cool. Wins game three loses. Gary cole the yes and then.

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