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Good everybody all right emily. What's leading off the half-baked crackpot news today. The pentagon is telling airlines to help with evacuation efforts from afghanistan through their civil reserve air fleet. Which is what frontier airlines to fly out of afghanistan and possibly they called on eighteen planes from six different airlines. The three that i have listed here american delta and united site and i believe i saw south west so maybe frontiers one of the other two. What do you wanna bet that. A load of torn afghan war refugees will be better mannered. The group coming out of albuquerque. For san diego. I can't take that bet. And they absolutely would be. Would they be so grateful. Y'all they do they'll sit down. Shut up take the flight embarrassing all right so eighteen planes from six different airlines are getting ready to take off. They won't be flying in and out of the international airport in kabul instead bill carrey americans and afghan allies from the intermediary stops like countries abroad. This gives military aircraft more time to focus on the kabul operations where the airport is still in a state of chaos so It's just it's gnarly over there. I wonder if that's one of the every possible Points that the president said to have been thought of that. The airport would be overrun. Yeah that's all they had to over on the airport and that does followed everything up Wonder if they thought about that they gave me did bog rom the airbase there so they don't even have that for a second Departure point right. What else going out. Our former president trump is telling his supporters. He respects their freedom. When it comes the cove in nineteen vaccine. He was hosting a rally on saturday in alabama a city that is under a cove in nineteen state of emergency number one the city of alabama Sorry coleman is the city in alabama ulker. Take the vaccines. I did it. It's good taking the vaccine but That's okay you got your freedoms. But i happened to take the vaccine. If it doesn't work you'll be the i dunno newspaper. I read says he was loudly. Booed and it was just continued. Crowd murmuring. the just lie god eight. don't even get rewarded for it. Yeah they do. it's maddening and he also reacted to culture at the save america rally number two that general patton was woke. I don't think so. What do you think mike my wazoo. Okay i don't think so. I don't think he woke. He was the exact opposite. You know what woke beams means. You're elizer everything won't everything. What did he say means. It means you're a loser loser. Everything won't won't be it means you're a loser kinda right. Yeah i mean you look at the woke society so carrying on to the point where they examine every single aspect of your life and if they find one thing you did wrong they blow it up and make a huge deal out of it and it's just not productive. It's counterproductive can. Grow from their past horseshoe made mistakes. Of course you said stupid things everything. Everything woke turns. Okay he's right he is he's right. It's impossible to progress in that society. It's just impossible because all they do is investigate they go into a deep dive investigation of any particular person. Find out something they did wrong. Make a big freaking deal out of it and then they exaggerate it in the newspapers like they did about him getting booed. We're bringing up vaccine. Which wasn't even true. The booming part. Yeah and then you know someone. Here's all the president got booed so they tweeted and other people tweeted and so they spread out a big lie He's right yes he's right that doesn't mean he has to be president again. I'm saying he's right. That's all the sports ratings tanked after people started kneeling during the anthem and sick in their hands up. And you know a lot of people said they didn't want to watch the olympics. Because of the whole woke kness of the people crapping on their country. Right all right. What else is happening. Last week The governor of florida rhonda scientists gave to school districts forty eight hours to drop their mask mandates or risk state funding earlier. This month. The governor had signed an executive order which banned schools from requiring nascar students teachers and staff but thousands of students and employees throughout the country had to quarantine after testing positive or being exposed to the virus so to school. District's defied his orders. And said look at the numbers and the governments are. The governor's response was speaking of numbers. Let's talk salaries. So he started putting their funding into they fall in line and let people in school mascot up or down depending on their or their parents preference the mass debate in florida speaking of kobe. Nineteen the fda announced that it has approved visor and bio biotechs Kobe nineteen vaccine for people sixteen and older making it. The first fully licensed the first to be fully licensed for use in the us here in san diego. Health officials confirmed more cova cases in our county as the search continues. Nearly one thousand more cases were confirmed yesterday as the case. Kato starts to close in on three hundred twenty. Four thousand though. No new deaths were confirmed. The total remains well over thirty eight hundred and our local hospitalizations are well over. Sixteen thousand in fact scripts is starting to Push back elective surgery. Nicole Because they don't have enough staff to cover the emergency and life threatening stuff goes at tummy. Tuck chris bore. Tom connett maybe by christmas time. And you know it's some bikini season. I know maybe you'll maybe you can look forward to the missa. The naughty mrs. santa claus that you have your eye on this holiday one can only hope Could be lucky. The fda has a reminder for y'all you are not a horse or a cow stopped taking medicine meant for livestock. This is their message. After reports that seventy percent of recent calls to mississippi's poison control center came from people. Who took i get this one. I really think honor should have to pronounce this medication. Do i v. e. r. m. e. c. t. i n. e. i for mexican. Hold it. wait a minute. I don't think done for once. I don't think that's right. Was there an axon there now. It's what happens when there's like e it happens ivor mexican it can as mexican if my the pronounced cater. Yes i've mexican ivor mexican taivon.

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