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We're the same. People were the same species where comedians anyone of my species. Yeah I WANNA be like. Are you finding that balance balance though now I know are you are you and has anyone in your life telling you like. Maybe let's just do this one but like what. Are you shooting a movie during the lunch. Break of another another movie your Arbox I know I know come on a lot. 'cause I worry about how many I don't know it may fucking people taking advantage. Of course this industry is awful but what I didn't realize I have. I have good friends and you have have to have good friends. I was just talking to me about saying no and he was like look. I heard stories of movie stars going to table read of a movie that they signed on to do and then after after the table revealing I don't want to do and they walk. And this is terrible and that is a privileged position. Sure but absolutely Kevin Hart and Tiffany. Haddish I have to say no yet. Kevin Hart seems to be doing great. Yeah but it is. It is like have they turn down anything. They're like. The Michael Caine crystalise. Did this think about Michael. CAIN and I would say the same thing to Michael Michael Caines one hundred I. He'd be like never before we stop. I'm afraid read. Dr Say it's a real. I understand that fear. Did you see Joan rivers documentary when she talked about her worst nightmare. The biggest year wasn't Anthony Calendar. I can't handle that. I hold life. Should be designed to deal with an empty counter to get to that. I I want to get to the point where I'm saying I'm done. She was how old she was in her eighties. Right and still life working working on my face okay. Still Doing Joan rivers jokes rugby. She would appreciate. You would love it if you would have done it. My face twenty one. Nineteen by my ass is seventy five but yes I want to get. I don't WanNa work for the rest of my life. I'm doing this to be comfortable enough so I can just quit. And you never see me again. Yeah fade out fade away. Yes this is what they're gonNA play under when the great candidates Thompson now they have to the audio how c would he have the first thing he was whatever happened. You know like we need more rasp. More rows more souls drink the sandpaper. A little heroin happen when it when you think about how jasmine were on heroin. I'm like Bo. Jack seems like the last last thing I'd WanNa do if I were on heroin. Oh.

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