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Well when I first heard about ABM. I was like okay. Well there's a solution in search of a problem But become less less that way about it. Because it's fundamentally new right I mean it's it's it's when you're selling big accounts you just don't go out and cold caller. The Blue One couple has with that we grew to Quite a large company only two hundred prospects in the world. I knew who they all were. So yeah by necessity. I was doing account based prospecting affecting even back decades ago but I think the tools are really useful but I think that what what I'm seeing as an so far is that a lot of companies are using. ABM or the way they approach Using sales engagement tools. which is I was GONNA say? Take sort of the same thing I've been doing and just automate it right and then call it. A compass selling account based marketing and talking to someone who was talking about account based selling and was really equating that Mortell Surf Okay. Classic social selling but really closely and tightly knit Social Strategy I mean certainly gonNA fight. I'd love to have had those tools when when I was I mean think about the size Salama customers overseas and in the satellite communications business and had no email internet. And you had to go over the plan to break into an account so these things were in great to have had If you could restrain yourself and how you use them if you could target if you could be authentic and there are some people that are doing a great job talking about at that so I don't answer crushed but it's it's to me it's like it's evolving so quickly. It's why these things that we look at it in two years or so we'll private completely different perspective on it than we do now because I think people are going to so I think there's some companies have learned our lessons with with outbound. And how they're doing it. Yeah and doing things like you're suggesting with outbound ops that we're gonNA see more of that with account by selling a little more rationalized as opposed to. Hey let's turn some people people lose what these tools and fundamentally spam twenty people inside an account as opposed to. Let's let's put together a strategy that makes sense IOS version of good hearts law. You know the content of measure because they'll lose. Yeah so but I said you against bad gift basket because I had this specific wind that you like the chocolate that you like in a gift for your family and then now you're getting the same exact thing lose it just becomes the novel thing for the first couple rounds. Yeah actually maybe heard me talk about this. But I'm a invoked. Good hearts laws. The reason why we should get rid of quota as a measure uh-huh. Yeah well I mean if if two good hearts law you've heard people talk about it. British economists came with this idea. That's been simplified simplified into saying that when a measure becomes a target it loses all value as a measure and when you think about quota is the perfect exemplification of that is is not only have a situation where according to Miller hyman. CFO insights. We've got less than fifty percent of sales reps even attain quota. But it doesn't really measure anything useful. I mean measures. Somebody was able to do something but as people who have studied right. His Heart's law have said. Is that part of the reason. It loses its value as a measure as the people optimize the processes to attain the target. And so when you're optimizing your process to achieve a target has nothing to do with your potential productivity because you're self limiting yourself to hit the target so for me as I've been spending more time in the last two decades working on the company's on productivity issues like yeah just just doesn't make any sense and when I write about it I always get people writing back to me. Senior people people saying yeah. We'd like to do something different. And because let's face it doesn't work. It's often going to be a judgment.

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