Baker Mayfield of Cleveland Browns says preseason debut performance 'not so bad'


Schedule NFL, preseason games last night a whole bunch of them and pretty good debuts for Baker Mayfield Mason Rudolph van James Washington Mayfield coming in late, in the first quarter threw two touchdown passes last night and Cleveland's. Win over the giants he was eleven of twenty two hundred twelve, yards and Mayfield says. Things were definitely Different and in his NFL debut then back in college I it was definitely different I think just this whole. Trip going through the routine a different routine you. Know I got, into such a A daily schedule and you know Norman traveling with that team and doing every meeting and so it, was you know doing your first couple of steps you kind of just walking. Through it and making sure you're at the right. Spot at the right time early in making sure that your phone all the rules Mayfield also. Scrambled around a couple of times four first downs. Andy says he's getting more comfortable in that system former OU quarterback Landry Jones started for the Steelers and their game last night, through touchdown pass he was four for four for eighty three yards former OSU's Dr Mason Rudolph came on in, the second half as the third team quarterback of their game against spell it out be he. Was seven of twelve for, one hundred two yards. Including a nifty 35-yard passed a former OSU

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