Falcons vs. Jets Preseason Tonight


Bit, tonight it's the falcons and the jets going head head course the. Falcons you've heard you've heard by Julio Jones, story? Right I, mean he caused me to retire from fantasy football last. Year you, know he caught some. Balls got some, yardage didn't really. Score it was my first pick in So, I kind of. Retired from from fantasy this year I gotta take I'm taking. A year, off maybe I'll come out of retirement later you know. Make, a big big presentation here around the radio station anyway we'll see if he. Can start finding the end zone a little bit more I know that. Something he and the falcons wanna do and Matt, Ryan we'll see if he can return. To MVP, form but what, a tough, division they, have I. Mean seriously the Panthers the saints the bucks it's tough although they're catching a bit, of, a break right now because the buccaneers I again listen they've. Been underwhelming the past couple of years to get Jameis Winston being bencher suspended for. Three games, so they don't have to deal with that but yeah I think I think the, falcons got to be right there toe-to-toe with the. Saints the rejuvenated saints from what they, did last year nobody expected that nobody expected, the saints a. Good defense and a good running game and they did and they were one like phantom missed tackle from from doing something special last year so that that's going to. Be a tough to visit taking on the jets Sam Sam darnold you don't you kind of get the feeling that Sam, darnold is going to be the starter on opening. Night against the lions on Monday night, football we talked with Gordon Damer from ESPN, New York ninety, eight seven earlier in the program about this guy's progressing very well you got teddy Bridgewater out there who may or may not be trade bait at some point, but Yeah don't forget now Josh mccown Josh. Mccown start I think they're going to give the ball to Sam darnold and see what he can

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