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Tustin avenue looks like that made it over to the shoulder. Your next report eleven twenty five Barbara Brooks, more traffic reports are often Canucks ten seventeen radio guys in your average, temperatures, clouds and fog developing overnight, and with that we are expecting to see some additional cloud cover as we move into Saturday cooler as we head to Sunday and Monday with slight chance of showers at this point. And then things back to normal as we head into next week. California's most accurate dependable forecast CBS to meteorologist tat can't accent, seventy NewsRadio. It's eleven seventeen LA county. Prosecutors charge fifteen chiropractors accused of taking part in a multi-million dollar insurance scam and kickback scheme the alleged ringleader chiropractor from studio city sent new patients to the other defendants and prosecutors say he collected about six million dollars in legal referral fees. All the defendants facing insurance fraud charges their cues to filing false claims for services, they never provided. A DA spokesman says the auto collision medical claims in many. Instances did involve real patients it's unclear whether they knew anything about the alleged scam. But no patients have been charged. If convicted as charged each defendant in this case could end up facing years in prison. Claudia pesky talk KNX ten seventy NewsRadio worth Ramadan. Beginning sunday. Local community leaders are thinking about posting armed guards at their houses of worship the coast of having armed security guards at bus is not an easy one to endorse doctor about soba with us law makes sure council of southern California says more people are recognizing potential risks. But others don't wanna dress change in the character of a house of worship the last thing you want to have in worship places,.

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