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Your point Justin Kaufman is a political attack. Nothing more. The Cam FOX is not about Jaffe small let that get it straight. That's a front. Rather? It's about trying to remove a. Who is a threat to the old boys power in the city and in that state? System of power, which was basically mirrored by what happened here. Let me let me also say that there is the F O P has has a vested interest in the municipal election, which is up tomorrow. They're their candidate preferred candidates, Lori Lightfoot. It's not a stretch to say that this is bad headlines for the Cook County board president who's former chief of staff is the state's attorney. So there's a lot of politics trying to grab headlines today before a municipal election. Why not do this on Wednesday? So you're not in the election. The Jetstream not to get back to buckle. My point is I think I understand what flavors come. I'm not saying. He's accurate that he's right. I would agree idea that there's politics of this year. The seems to be a lot about gather an outlet like the politics of outraged feel like all of us in the outrage that you're talking about, and I know that could sense that could feel they're using that I can feel it in the therapy would agree with not. Not. I don't don't get sucked the politics of this would agree that is not all about just Jesse. I think it is though about faith in our systems. And I think that she represents the that office, and we need to have faith that what was done was done for a reason. And I think on its face right now to any citizen, take the F O P out of it. And he's citizen looking at the facts of this case, it doesn't seem to add up. And I think that's where we we do need answers so outdoor for you. What happens is he f o p front and center. When Edberg beats case when alderman, Ed Burke, pizzas corruption case. And then it gets thrown out by the turning it is politics. Not going to be up there saying what about equality and Justice for all. That's just a question that I think is being asked.

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