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Ghettos and Chad show. Happy. Happy. Happy Monday. I'm excited, man. I've got a few more days and I'm taking little vacation. Are you How do you know what that's like? Well, Are you going to go somewhere? Because you never go anywhere. Where you do your two radio shows you go home. Do tons of voice work, right? Are you gonna Are you going to go on vacation somewhere? Nice. No. You know what we might take the kids to Southern California for a couple days and go to I've got passes to all these, you know, not spare pharma whatnot. We're thinking about doing that, but it really depends on Well, you know the craziness. I just said I'm not wearing a mask for eight hours at Knott's Berry farm, not doing it. So you know, just isn't going to happen. So we'll see. Otherwise I might just chill all weekend. There you go for a week. There you go, while full FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine came down today. So you know when we were looking at this months ago. Did we expect this to be a big day? Will it change the minds of some of you who are hesitant about getting the vaccine? Um I don't think so. Yeah. I don't think this is a bad day. Don't get me wrong. I mean, hey, Let's make sure what we put in our body, you know, is FDA approved, and finally it went through all the stages, and it is fully approved by the FDA. What did Biden called the gold standard? At least he's right on that. Not much lately standards. As which, if you get approved here in America. Pretty much everywhere else will give you a blanket. Sounds great. You're totally approved scenario. If you get approved here, I don't think this was going to be a big deal. I thought for all intensive purposes is going to be simple and easy. Didn't a few months ago, You thought it would be a big deal that the FDA they had to go and approve this thing, too. To get us out of this pandemic, or did I not hear that? Right? Well, look, my my whole thought process was this is everybody You shouldn't be mad about. Oh, my God. This only took a long time. Look how long everything takes. You should be mad about how long everything takes. To get through these vaccines and treatments. No, it didn't. Because partially because it wasn't a really hard thing for them to do. They cracked it easily. They worked on it for 20 years they used to Mrna and the DNA. All of this stuff was somewhat simplistic, but the reality is at the end of the day. Does it change people's minds who are sitting on the fence? I don't think anyone sitting on the fence. I think there's a few that were waiting for this day. But there there I think you're on one side of the other. We talked about this. Their people will not have a buddy. He's a pilot. He was He was a captain, one of the head pilots. For British Airways, and he used to tell me all the time. I will never fly on an airplane until it's flown for a year with no issues and sure enough, what? Two years ago and all those issues with Boeing and that 7 37. So a lot of people ever, doctors say the same thing. I'd like to let this thing go for a year or so and then go from there. Okay, well, we're getting close to that. But For a lot of people, though, that there is this is not changing anything. Yeah, So, um, there's it's kind of It's kind of odd to me that it's not going to change anything. I thought it would a few months ago, and then I decided it probably isn't. Uh, I don't know what else you have to see. Um, to stay unvaccinated. I just don't You see people in the hospital? You see, some people are dying. If you look at Florida, there's a library with people on the floor. They have covid there. No beds, which, by the way, is a normal time, right? This is different in Texas, their hospitals that say, you know what If your unvaccinated we may turn you away? Why? Because we're going to take the unvaccinated patient. They have a better chance of surviving. So we're seeing this. We're seeing around the country in New York City in Los Angeles and San Francisco with San Francisco is just weird, but New Orleans. Hey, you want to come and party here? You want to go to a gym here? You want to go to a show here? You've got to be vaccinated. I just for me. An FDA approval isn't going to move the needle. Um, you know, I'm surprised. You know, when you come out and say the average hospital stay for a covid patient is 20 grand. That doesn't move the needle either. Um, you know, so The You know the good news. Here's what's moved The needle Chad, not FDA approval, fear. Fear fear has moved the needle. Uh, the delta variant has moved the needle we've seen over the last 34 days. Million people a day are getting the vaccine. That's when moves the needle. I don't know if FDA approval I I really believe that if you're out there and your unvaccinated and you've been saying while I'll wait for FDA approval, I I think that's an excuse. I don't really think you're going to get it. Some of you will, but I really don't think a lot of you're going to get it. You've already made your mind up. You talk about sitting on the fence. I don't think people a lot of people sitting on the fence either. Got it, or you didn't. And I don't think there are people. Well, maybe I'll get it. No, I'm not really buying that. I think again. I think there are a group of people 5% or so 10% that are Over time are going to be more apt to get it after a while, where they've seen it for a year. And nothing has happened. I think somehow magically, it's that it's like that 10,000 steps that you've got to get on your Fitbit, which is just somebody made that up back in the day. The Japanese guy made it up and threw it out there. Uh, you know, when they first started putting the speedometers and things out there, it's just something mentally. I think that will help people. That it being around for a little while. It'll make people a little bit more comfortable. They're more apt to get it and say four or five months or towards the autumn time thinking. All right. Well, it started coming out this time. But the reality is for that 15%. Those people will never get it. They will never get it for a myriad of reasons from they think it's going to change their DNA to this as a hopes to whatever. And that's stupid. Because now is that you know, I'm just a data guy. Look at the facts. Looking data..

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