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For in the company extremely inspired extremely sincere and extremely committed so they would be people that have been employed after their started working at the age of maybe forty forty fife. I taking care of their house and then now they want to work and all these people were out there in a hurry to prove themselves so i a lot about mobilizing entire force and getting them to deliver what they always wanted to india which was reaching out to every by and doing it properly. Snooky ask you a follow up question. You talked about one of the things. We talked about growth and at that point of time. I think you know you also talked about the shopping. Experience made it easy but also as you grew. You put the franchises in on one site accompanying with such a clear. Hey good story and mission at the same time. Also having such an amazing culture which was not be faked it was gonna take authentic and grew into how to care people more secure secret behind finding that franchisee. And let's say all the way in plano texas or new york in us or other parts of the world who lives the brand conscious and continues the experience. It's something like fifty fifty approach. Fifty person lies in selecting and dying up with the franchisee who has a similar ethos and the other fifty percent is over a period of time. getting the franchisee to learn about the company and they literally get convinced in the company's trying to do so i i knew again a very clear statement. Perhaps but something like a marriage. I mean you i get to like minded people together. And then over a period of time they learn about each other and get closer to each other so there was a lot of contacts which were ensured between the company and the franchisee and that led to the franchisee getting really committed that what he or she is doing is really making a difference and Trump india has had a lot of success with a friend. Jaycees other and i just have to again i have no direct connections that having just how do to hold a special amusing moment was in dallas texas a family gathering you know babies plus bud day occasion and of course we of indian origin. Find every.

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