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As we continue just floored Gregg Jarrett I wanted to ask you I I just can't explain it said explicable to me Gregg Jarrett how is it possible if you could explain how is it possible to think bribing mall is that chant death to America and want to wipe Israel off the map giving the money is a good idea well two things it's easy way out I mean it's just easier to pay cash then to take strong aggressive action to stop terrorists and second of all it is a part of the trump derangement syndrome if Obama does it it's great if trump does it it's horrible and that's just stupid well yeah it is you know I think we now have the emergence of the trump Dr I'll talk to anybody a lot of people said that's outrageous while you talk to anybody and also I want peace I'll even take a little bit of your crap you know the drones in those the ship's taken hostages Sir but you're not going to kill Americans that's our line in the sand and if you do you're gonna pay a big price simple right Jeff I like that because I don't boots on the ground we can't send kids to war anymore because they always politicize it in the swamp and then we say never mind so you want to go there just bombed the daylights out of them like we did with ISIS now we have new technology right you've been making this point repeatedly and you're absolutely dead on correct once they get us in the war then all hell breaks loose in a protest in there in the streets and all this kind of thing it's just it's just simply not worth an American kids life to do this and notably the irony here I don't know how much attention this is gotten them the lone American contractors that would kill was killed was a legal Muslim American immigrant who and what's your reaction Gregg Jarrett yeah I mean it it's it's a great point it you know your argument is really trumps argument and that is that this is very simple if you attacked our people if you jeopardize our national security well I have a right as president under the constitution to take aggressive action it is always been that way presidents have been doing it for decades in my lifetime and and Democrats you know when trump does it Democrats game two loss over into this mindless hysteria it's this reflexive Pavlovian response that whatever trump does must be wrong we must condemn it with regardless of whether it makes absolute common sense to do it guys I want to thank you both Jeff floored and Gregg Jarrett gotta take a break here we are when we come back of course is Friday our best sound of the week coming up your calls and much more eight hundred nine four one Shawn you wanna be a part of the program also Daniel Akhbar is going to join us all with more Intel information about what life in a ran as like he knows because he was tortured and tried and imprisoned in Bulgaria because he converted to Christianity and he knows what the meeting the real meaning of the killing of Solomonic he is and what it should mean to the people of Iran that.

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