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This day and age very hard but if they don't have any other alternatives when they go to the ballot box then i think republicans generally come back to the fold for allan fung uh the question is do democrats you know stick with general none of this the same guy who did the ah the union pole for the pawsox which i want a second opinion on that they paid for the paulo this on the numbers came out the way they wanted that they want to build the stadium but on this on this number on this polls 38 raimondo thirty six fong's six for joe trillo that sounds about right i'm not surprised by that i mean i soon we both agree on that all right now ramon those approval ratings only thirty seven percent say she is doing an excellent job 30 percent say fair thirty one percent poor so sixty one percent fare to poor she's been in office more than one three years what's going on she cannot quit that likeability factor up oh one profound fair to excellent so we have to figure out how many of those people who say he's doing a fair job are gonna go vote for alan fung instead that's the big question mark for the raimondo campaign how do you get those people to go from fair to pretty good i mean that's the big shaping of the campaign they're going to have to go negative on alan fung they're going to have to create uncertainty workers morgan a things change but they're gonna have to create uncertainty and they're gonna have to tie the republican to trump even though trump has decent standing in support rhode island it's dipped a little bit since the election but even so they're going to have to sort of in kabylie uh just can't pain is a choice for the democratic party versus trump and the republicans at the national level that's going to be a very tricky road for her to take but that's the only way i think she pulled enough people from that fair category to win should be to answer some crushed about what's going on in the city in where he stands on gun control things like that right one your talk your next week career oh.

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