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Having people. I'm i'm local to this area so I have friends. I have Lots and lots of patients. I know that are that. Have the infection. I see mutual friends posting on facebook about a family member. Who's in icu. Around a third of all the victorian cases in this latest outbreak read these. Lg about two thousand two hundred active cases entitle you also has the lowest vaccination rates in the state. Although they are kicking up that dr lene says the vaccine rowlatt hughes being truce lard. And it's been reported that until last week on the pots of melvin. Getting more five off. We noticed anecdotally. And i think there is some evidence that there were highest supplies of pfizer in the more affluent areas of melbourne. And i can't understand why Looking at international data that the the lowest socio economic areas went out prioritized. I think structural racism Has has a part to play And the fact that we went prioritized When it's known from dada that outbreaks happen of covert in lower socio economic areas. So this should really have been taken into account diverse in always diverse in terms of its ethnic linguistic religious profile diverse in terms of its employment base and profile As well as social profile as well. How is the marriage hugh. He's young for madge just thirty two years old but he tells me the average age. Here is thirty three reconcile. It's a big part of the reason. Why vaccination rates loa in response to those low vaccination rates. Last week federal government launched three-week blitz and sent hundreds of thousands more feige. A jerry says to the northern and western suburbs jason's aries vaccine stats going up. Now which shows the main issues have always been about access and supply. People are sick of being labeled as as you know an anti vaccine capital that certainly not the case. The facts prove it. Where at fifty. Five percents first doses. And that's all as of a few days ago That's pretty much five. Five percent also behind other municipalities to jump up fifteen percent in two weeks seven percent in one week shows that when we get the settings right people come out and do what's best for the hill as we've been hearing the pandemic hasn't affected all in the same way and joseph says he's area he's a perfect example of how this is playing out. I'm often asked will was the virus growing so much in your area. Why spreading so fast. And it's really not that hard. I mean the people who stack your supermarket shelves. Or who deliver your food or who take care of your children or who do all of the stuff that's part of life my residence and my constituents as essential workers is asthma. She's twenty three year old nursing. Student living in rhode metres us most fully vaccinated. And at the moment she's working at the major hospital in the area where there are lots of carpet patience. She's not so worried about herself as much as giving it to others. I'm more concerned about giving it to the patients that i'm carrying fold Also giving it to family members. My mom has diabetes. My brother has diabetes. And there's a lot of like what if i give it to them. And then what happens in. Gill cy seattle if that happens. And when it comes to how. These pot of melvin. Spain traded osma reckons. This definitely a divide when like the northern suburbs gets small cases. There's a more of a negative reaction towards the compared to if he was in the eastern suburbs and when there was more cases people want like using racial stereotypes of negative comments towards northern suburbs. Hack triple j jorda reporting there. You're listening to hack on triple j. I'm anne mccormack filling in for today. We're talking about inequalities across cds during covert how life is especially different for the haves and the have nots in a pandemic but talking to associate professor. ben harris. Rojo's he's a public health expert from us. W then we've kind of established in this story in these stories today. That areas of disadvantage have poor health outcomes than wealthier ones. They get different excess vaccines as we just heard in that story as well Now that we know how bad this divide is how should state or federal governments look at the situation and fix it so in the next pandemic touch. We don't have one soon or disaster. It's not like groundhog day. Just go through this again. Look i think of the things we need to do is stop playing The the shifting blind guy between sex and komal which we really encountered you know general practice is funded through the government A lot of the state by services through a hospital services and other health services funded by the states and if there was a more coordinated response we might have seen some problems about the vaccine brawl out addressed more systematically an ad hookworm so. I think you know really. We need to be thinking about how we can have more local regional integrated responses that would enable resilient sort of response the i'm thinking about groups like the the state emergency services but much broader scope like local groups that can actually tap into some of the existing knowledge like general practitioners. So that part of the planning and response. You know the other countries that got like Siebel responding not just the things like earthquakes and bush ospital side of public health crises. So i think that needs to be part of our response. Wilson recognizing that communities are self-organising as well particularly Culturally diverse group Those ladies applying a really important role in the public health responsible. Then we do have to keep moving but thanks so much for your time today. That's associate professor. Ben harris rojo's from the us from the university of new south. Wales hack old table advise. I don't mind bowls you'd rather than have like nor hair on triple j. Yeah how much do you think about your hair. If you're in lockdown you probably desperate for ahead caught. Maybe you've given yourself a diy mullet bought some of you might not be worrying about that at all and actually be thinking about hair. Loss is a really big stigma around losing your hair going bald especially for young guys. That's you let me know how. It's impacting your life. Call in one three hundred five three six. Oh text four three nine seven five seven triple five so what causes hair loss and if you're worried about it can you do anything to stop it. Aj williams has a story literally in my whole group of maija school. Not one of them look like l. Gamble that's tool. He notices hey was receding at the age of twenty and like so many people sending out. He was extremely worried and economies confidence. I did worry at one stage. All we'll have to cuddle these hair off and one. They had the fun with it but it didn't actually sync into me always lose it will one day. Yeah so we always associate halos with getting old something people start losing ahead as early as the hanes we try to to catch like in. How much halo series and the strategy population and what we found. Was that tibet. Twenty percent of means stop to go about winding five men.

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