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Now at age eighteen and you know there is no sort of treatment or therapy to kind of help rectify the trauma that she was put under um and now that he's you know on in general population i'm sure i am i know for a fact he's not getting the tr the mental health treatment that he deserves and should be getting after spending thirty two years in isolation on the end and so you know what kind of message did that sends a him on as a person but kind of hope are we giving him as a person or to try to overcome his obstacles sending him to death row at eighteen for some thing at he dead when he was a teenager as being of juvenile life without parole of recently an article in the washington post about a lawsuit in maryland that could possibly affect vietnan said case of gone what's your take on that yeah and so as we've said there was this key supreme court case miliver says alabama which has led to all these juvenile re sensing hearings including the one its upcoming for turns lewis it non said of course was not given a life without parole sentence he was given a sentence of life for the possibility of parole but it turns out that maryland is when a three states the other two are california in oklahoma that say even with the sentence of life without parole to get parole there has to be the signature of the governor and in maryland since the midnineties the governor has not signed off on parole in a single murder case in maryland and this lawsuit in maryland is saying that functionally a life sentence for a juvenile in maryland is life without parole even if it's not technically a life without parole sentence and this was an article in the washington post it was talking about one of these cases in maryland's men named james bowie and jamming the boss you i think certainly has some merit ends if the court there in maryland decides it's meritorious than that means that someone like a non say ed would be entitled to some type of relief.

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