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They are places that are really pretty spectacular B. but require some sacrifice turns out hello remote they are how hard they are to get to you should print out your map before you go there because you might not have cell service when you get a lock on your way Ellen government of the Wall Street journal will be here in about twenty minutes with that story ten Democrats running for president battled over healthcare immigration and gun violence any policy heavy debate last night in Detroit that juror contrasts between the progressive and centrist ideologies of the party minutes into the CNN debate the candidates delved into an issue that has increasingly divided the party whether to embrace a Medicare for all system of health insurance or to improve on the current private insurance system progressives like Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren a push for more government involvement congressman better over chatted a plan that would roll uninsured Americans in Medicare while retaining private insurance for those who wish to keep it every estimate that I've seen of expanding ACA even through a public option still leaves millions of people uninsured and also means that people are not guaranteed the health care that they need and there were a few moments of high drama during the debate most candidates focused on beating Donald Trump rather than targeting Democratic Front runner Joe Biden the debates continue tonight and will include Biden as well as senator Kamilla Harris who got a boost in fund raising after the last debate has the power forward in the presidential campaign starts to narrow self been mayor Pete booted judge has been trying to find support in one segment of the democratic base he hasn't yet been able to reach people of color at last night's debate he called for more community unity our community is moving from hurting to healing by making sure that the community can participate in things like revising the use of force policy and making sure there are community voices on the board of safety that handles police matters Chris a signature of the Indianapolis star has talked with some black voters to gain some insight into the challenges facing but a judge and joins us now Chris what are some of the issues voters have with him well there was the we shooting in south bend were a a white officer shot a black man he said was wielding a knife the body camera why did on so the only story we have right now is from the police officer that band pretty big concern for African American voters there's also a certain segments we approve ever get American based are among to churches that are more conservative maybe and so there is there is a certain statement to having an openly gay people basically that they're still a opposition to same sex marriage so that is a hurdle that he's trying to cross and he's also a relatively unknown candidate they're just having name recognition is something he's trying to gain Chris says some of the folks that you talked to getting back to the police issues seem to acknowledge that he acknowledged what was going on in his city and they were glad about what they heard there yeah I think that he took responsibility and that the big staff I think that you have to do more to convince African American voters that you really want to help them where they want to live there he is that is that there are certain questions about the lack of diversity in the police department and I think they want to know why he had made it more diverse under his watch he prior to the applicant a very popular African American we keep when he first got into town I think a lot of people disagree with that decision and eight builders agree with that speaking of diverse city another criticism some voters have is that but it just has not had a very diverse campaign staff is that right yeah it it's not diverse in terms of people of color it's not very diverse in terms of a he definitely gravitates towards millennials highly educated millennials so he has his field teams I think are a little bit more diverse but as far as the upper campaign staff the the people in the decision making position that it's not very diverse speaking with Chris signature of the Indianapolis star Chris what is the Douglas plan and how did but a judge pitch that though he got but probably one of the most progressive plans among the field a candidate to help African Americans it wide ranging from criminal justice the education to infrastructure he talked about reparations for slavery he it mirrors and a lot of ways that urban league down Marshall Plan which is also very progressive towards helping out African American he pitched it after at some point after the police shooting it was one of his first Alex he he's taking the relief but he only sent out an email you didn't go on the campaign trail a market during his speech and he talks about it during his stumps there is some speeches but he doesn't go into great detail I think you're helping people find it and explore it on their own is he becoming more well known over the past few months is that he's got a lot of campaign money is you know you would be outraged the field in the second quarter though he's getting name recognition out there the the the one criticism it is that you need to spend more time than we do the color that you spend a lot of time on going to a van and going to Iowa New Hampshire and he really needs to get out there and in neighborhoods in South Carolina places like that Chris and some of the potential voters that you talk to what did they like about booted judge it a pretty positive reaction at the urban league I think they they they thought he was well spoken they liked his ideas there was some question about whether you did the ideas the adwords just because of the police shooting and is issues reaching out remarking voters so I guess they want to know whether he's really here he got polite applause they they they clap it is a lapide jokes but he was definitely the third or fourth the favorite for most people I mean they they like fighting better they like better than my clothes are better six inch of the Indianapolis star investigators in Nevada have found evidence indicating an intent to carry out a large scale attack as well as white supremacist literature in the home of a man suspected of committing a deadly Sunday shooting at a food festival in California authorities say a search of nineteen year old suspects and Tino Lincoln's home in a Walker lake in about a turned up empty ammunition boxes a gas mask a knife for reading materials about radical Islam and white supremacy and camouflage backpack there now searching computers and other electronic devices at the home for more evidence of like its online activities and possible further connections to white supremacist movement FBI special agent Craig fares as a motive remains unclear once again with anyone or any group still has been ruled out still has to be determined at this point but Gil right police chief Scott Smith he says the thirties no longer believe the shooter was working with anyone else pardon destinations leaving us with more and more to believe that there was not a second person involved hi I don't think I can say that with absolute certainty at this point because we're still following up leads because people who say I saw this I saw that three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured Sunday when like an open fire on the food festival it's fourteen minutes after the hour coming up North Korea test missiles again data what you doing cramming for college I'm the one going to college he we need to figure out how we're gonna pay for it all discover student loans discover does student loans yeah they're one of the top private student loan lenders in the country it takes fifteen minutes or less to apply and.

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