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Apple, NPR and Pitt discussed on Dale & Keefe


Officially hit it we officially made history today, apple did apple just hit a, trillion dollars in market value for the first time in history a company is worth one trillion dollars so big deal super meaningful right kind of unimportant, Kim forest portfolio manager at fort. Pitt capital and she says. The numbers largely symbolic apple. Doesn't unlock any new, catalysts. Superpowers. Now that it's crossed the threshold it just sounds cool if anything it means the company can borrow more money if it wants forced, likens it to well being rich the bigger your house the more you can borrow against it because the lender thinks at your house. Is going to be worth more tomorrow. Than it is today some investors think this is actually a Bad thing assigned that apple. Stock is overvalued, for says, maybe? But she adds, apples got revenue on the books to back. Up its high valuation unlike some of. Its fancy tech sector peers some of those peers are likely to join. Apple in the four comic club, Amazon's close but in the history books you rarely learn who came in second for NPR news I'm, Ryan Kyle off Brazil, will elect a new president in October and a far-right candidate has emerged as a front runner in that race among his biggest supporters are. Young resilience as NPR's Philip Reeve's reports This crowd has come to meet the man they want to. Be president Cheyenne Is about to land Seven thousand people waiting in the. Airport to. Welcome,.

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