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First round draft choice not playing this evening. But as John tomorrow's told us in the pre game shows the back that he couldn't play tonight's game. It's just really doesn't understand the secret necessity of Buffalo's offense and a good chance for him to learn how buffalo moves the ball. And where he sees himself being a part of the quick style of play. So certainly I would imagine expect Chris Luce to be in the lineup week. From tonight is buffalo hosts Calgary, it's called best friends nine and wait till you see some of the online activities that happens particularly social media with chase Frazier and Ian McKay and Dane Smith and Josh Byrne. I mean, they do a fabulous job. In promoting this night. That's coming up bents best friends night coming up on Saturday in buffalo as Calgary comes to town. You won't want to miss it. And you'll see it all over social media. I believe is supposed to launch tomorrow if not Monday, but just exceptionally done by the PSE organization the internal in house advertising agency that they have just the production. Values are perfect, and I'll tell you what Dade Smith and Josh Byrne and chase Frazier. Ian McKay, pretty good actors as well. So look for that on social media coming up probably tomorrow in the promotion of best friends night. That's a week from tonight. In buffalo is Calgary comes to town here in Georgia with twenty seconds remaining bubble the line four lead elected to make it to ten and they're watching the clock. Now, take down, Jordan, Dirksen. In position along with Sean Evans who has the ball that left deep into the far corner of Dane Smith. Now, the bandits beginning to twirl Smith gets back out to the outside over to two.

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