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You're ignoring the performance of his. Since nineteen sixty. So i saw so many tweets of people being like to this guy. He's underperformed the nasdaq. Since away. And i decided to go and look back since two thousand and the absolute return a berkshire as verse the triple cues in spy so triple cube. Being the nasdaq berkshire hathaway's up. Eight hundred fourteen percent since two thousand despise up to twelve and i think the queues are pretty close to thirty four. So i mean you can dunk on him all you want. But he's murdering everybody over a long period of time so he deserves the respect that a lot of older people give him all right well for nor the reason other than i knew we were gonna talk about berkshire. I wanted to get your thoughts on this article. That pack you put on not barring. I know you've got the whole thing. So maybe we'll touch on at a high level but it's super long. I only got hooked in because the quote statistically it is third generation. They marked the end of a family. Fortune in american study apparently came out that said ninety percent of wealth evaporates by that third generation and this totta company in india is four generations deep in two hundred and fifty years after its founding. It's still not only standing essential so this tiger. But i had no idea what this is about again. The only reason. I ask you about this. Because i know you've put in some research around this. Like reliance company and their subsidiary geo in facebook investment in jio in you're really interested in india emerging markets. So the question. I have around that is first of all. How would people think about versus berkshire. That's effectively conglomerate. That's publicly traded. But more importantly this super app idea. I think people can relate to it like why do we not have a super in india. There's super apps that where you can do every in china there's a super wiser no super in can't get so. This is just my opinion. An i have no idea if this is right but i think that the reason why super apps are exist in third world countries more emerging economies is largely the result of timing technology adoption. So we industrialized when there was no such thing as apps. There's no such thing as the internet. So our monetary systems based in technology. Which means that. It's very much reliant on banks there's a heavy correlation between when you industrialized and when when technology to cooled right so you look at asia or china and india more specifically and you see that there's this emergence of super apps right you have we chat in china and alibaba and then you have so. We chats owned by ten but alibaba has a massive bank in ant financial. That does a ton of the commerce then have reliance in in reliance is trying their very best to create one and then you also have tasha so you have this super.

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