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Eagles fan assaulting her girlfriend and putting her dog in the microwave when the eagles lost the game two the saints. Yeah. Because team lost. Amend Boehner candidate number two. And why bread she enjoys beer like beer, I like beer like working out with squeeze. It's a Donald Trump's nominee to replace Brad Kavanagh on the bench federal bench. Once she wants wrote that women should stay sober to avoid date, rape, other reprehensible climate change denier. Well, apparently, she's sup- support a dry dwarf tossing and some and then Boehner candidate number three. If you can't be safe passing out at the waffle house means shouldn't that be a safe zone of some sort? Thank you. The waffle house employees put condiments on a slice of cheese on this poor guy and then manipulated him. Like a puppet. David sessions wants a motto expo tickets from us for being random voter in the winner of the round two was Boehner candidate number two and light bread. She likes beer. There you go. That's the winner of around two is not Boehner of the day yet, it has to defeat the winner of around once voting we're gonna throw both of those winners into Boehner fight at nine twenty. So in about a half hour from now, you will decide who is Boehner of the day. You know, my house has a we have off street parking. But we start an attached garage. It's garages detached from the house. So you, and we have a sh- we share a driveway with our neighbor and she has a garage detached garage as well. And so the two garages face each other her garage and Mike Araj, and so when I back out of my garage, I backed ward or garage, and then I have to turn and go out the driveway same same with her. She bats out of her garage toward my garage. And then turns her car and goes out the drive. And. And it's it's tight there. It's tight little small space, but we're lucky to have off street parking because it's a busy street and art and. It was bound to happen. My neighbor's daughter yesterday. Back into my garage door. You're not going fast when you do slow. But I.

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