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Oakville. From ABC news. Michelle franzen. Congress trying to avoid another partial government shutdown the deadline. This Friday lawmakers need to agree on a border security deal. The president will travel to El Paso, Texas tomorrow for a rally with sport or while funding likely at the center while in El Paso, the president will speak at a make America great rally. But there are no plans for him to visit the border, former congressman and El Paso, native, better or Rourke. Well, let's him to protest meant to counter. The president's visit or works office issuing a statement saying better or work will join with his city on Monday evening to show the country, the reality of the border, a vibrant safe by national community that proudly celebrates its culture history diversity and status as a city of immigrants, Marcus more ABC news, Los Angeles yesterday. A handful of House Democrats traveled to the border El Paso today. Senator Amy klobuchar from Minnesota is expected to announce her run for the White House. It comes a day after Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy, President Trump. Wayne in ABC's, Tara has more President Trump has repeatedly referred to warn with racial slurs. Taunting the Senator on several occasions to prove her heritage tweeting late last night. Will she run as our first native American presidential candidate or has she decided that after thirty two years? This is not playing so well anymore. See you on the campaign trail. Liz worn apologize this past week for identifying as native American on Texas bar registration form from nineteen Eighty-six in Virginia Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax could face possible impeachment. If he does not resign. Fairfax facing accusations of sexual assault by two women ABC's Zachary quiches in Richmond, releasing a new statement saying he'll fight the charges, adding I did not sexually assault or rape. Meredith Watson Vanessa Tyson or anyone else ABC Zachary quiche reporting from Richmond. You're listening to ABC news. It's time to join the millions of people using zoom. Videoconferencing, turn any size con..

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