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And i'm going to try to stop it in so what i did was we started to do deep research and how they did the stealing and then we would take the research and we would share it with newspapers with wall street journal financial times federa and end this what i called naming and shaming campaigns strangely works how how worthy doing stealing a lot of different things they were doing they were doing um assetstripping where they would take assets huge oilfields and move them into the balance sheet of other companies there was transferpricing where they were basically they would fill oil at one dollar a barrel to their their private company in the net company would sell oil at fifty dollars a barrel to the market they were doing share dilutions where they sell shares for nothing to their friends for free and then there was of outright embezzlement and they were doing this stuff to a high ours is harder to even imagine you know the script discussing it through you know in a cursory way here but the these guys were such experts of stealing you couldn't imagine and it was just so brazen perry we will just he gets all this out is it was as there are so clever and smart well so so they're they're a clever a smart brazen and interestingly everyone thinks the russia's not a transparent place but that russia's the most bureaucratic country in the world everything is registered everywhere you go to the bathroom you they're like signed your name of the bathroom she then they an and if so in and then that bathroom she gives distributing quadruple gifted to four different ministries so there's information everywhere in russia and that information was basically for sale for five bucks at a local like the local street market you could by by the russian the securities commission database to lic look at all share transactions five bucks you could basically for twenty bucks put together uh the data to analyse who is doing the stealing and how much they were stealing and and where it was going and i was the guy doing it and then emma journalists of course love me because.

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