President Trump, Jim Shudo, James Clyburn discussed on Mark Levin



Walls around the hearts. I can't take it. And then there is James Clyburn. And other genius. And of course, he's on with CNN a former Obama appointee. Jim shudo? Cut nine go. We want to secure the border. You've always been four securing the border how so. How so seriously how so? Now, you haven't go ahead. The wall is just a way for this president to reward. Here's supporters big contracts for brick and mortar, you know, what you are. Absolutely. Not. To a war. Does he understand how contracts and the federal government are awarded the of the president doesn't award federal contracts? There's something called the far federal administrative regulatory book. It's thick as can be all kinds of rules. You have to follow. Usually the army corps of engineers is involved. EPA typically involved other agencies and departments involved state agencies and departments are involved you have to buy private property. So you have areas where you can build fences and walls on private property at the idea that Donald Trump's gonna make my these people are sick. They're nuttier than a fruitcake. Go ahead. We are looking for. We were looking for security, and we are going to appropriate money to secure the border, but why wouldn't a wall help improve security at the border because we thank.

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