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But I think the true part is they found a way to slow Clin. Cappella and a big part of that was brook Lopez. I mean, Trey you said it there. The bucks defenders were just playing to take away hard and going left like to to a degree. I can't remember seeing in an NBA game. Really? They are just so far funneling them to his right. And then Brooke? He would step up time and time again, generally making sort of difficult for heart. And when the ball did find its way to Capella he got back at times to other get the block or to deter shot. So they found a really way to take out Capella who hardens always looking for once he blows by everybody. But yeah, Hardin Italy Houston offense was what they slowed down right against envy, had PJ Tucker, Gerald green hitting six threes and hot and seven and when those guys on firing than just put so much more emphasis on what John did because the forty two and eleven is great in the six assists. But when he doesn't get that support and Mike tiny vice Lee played six guys last night. I mean other guys got on the call, but he basically went with six including Gerald green. And if those guys on nothing down the shots then Houston their offense. Does stagnant. Particularly in that third quarter looked like maybe they legs got a little bit heavy. They couldn't get an easy basket and Milwaukee pulled away from it. So I don't think they slowed down John Totten. But in the big picture, they definitely slowed down the Houston offense. Big picture. Chris Paul, and Eric Gordon are going to be on this team at some point. So it's easy to forget. Because we talk about James harden night in night out their second and third best scores aside from clink about the guys who can score the ball aren't playing. So a lot is on James Harden's shoulders. And yes, the entire defensive focused as it was with the nuggets double team was different yesterday take away that left. So it was it was cool to see that. Because. No, I don't think a team has really done it degree, Malcolm Brogdon was literally just sitting there on his right hand. And he's a very good defender. It was really cool to see that being said, I think it kind of just threw him off because we haven't seen that quite yet. But you don't throw off the VP really this guy practices moves day in and day out. Do we really think he can say you're saying sees it time and time again here if other teams try to implement this. He's going to figure out what he did last night at a really really good game last night. But there were some bad turnovers. Yeah. But he can still step back and hit some shots. And it was a three point game with them. They go so one or two of those positions. Go the other way, and the rockets could've won this guy. Big win for the bucks being the rockets. Ten game winning streak at home pretty impressive. Right. Find a one and another ten for blew out that Pacers last night giving them four straight wins to start the new year. They're still just getting the east, but they've climbed up to ninth in the league on offense at per hot. Couple of months while the always great defense remains tied for second. They went to game seven accomplished finals last season. So true or false. The Celtics are who we thought they would think this is sort of true. I mean, they got off to that ten and ten start and kudos to Brad Stevens. He was tinkering. He was trying to find a starting lineup that would work, and I think he's founded here too. That was putting in to Marcus's into the starting lineup, Marcus, smart and Marcus Morris. That's when the offense really has caught fire here over now, what feels like six weeks. It's impressive. I think it helps the guy like Jaylen Brown to like, not only smart.

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