President Trump, Tony Schaffer, Tony discussed on Saturday Morning Update with Rick Fowler


It was a pretty big week for President Trump overseas. And we're going to be talking with Katie McFarland about that trip and get her read on how the president fared with our allies in Europe. And also will get a read from Tony Schaffer as well. And of course, d day, the reason for the president's trip, we're going to get some impressions from Lieutenant Colonel, Tony Shaffer, obviously, serving in the military. And if you saw the ceremonies, and listen to some of the history, just, just an amazing accomplishment in an amazing sacrifice by our soldiers in WW, two and really want to get a read from Tony as to how that impacts us today, and how the memory from seventy five years ago, lives on in history and will live on forever. We'll talk with Tony Schaffer about that this morning. Russia's acting up a little bit this week as you may have noticed from their naval, and air antics. Find out what's going on with the Russkies. We talked to Tony a little later on this morning. Jennifer Harper's coming up. We're going to talk to her about some of the surprise praise that we heard from typical foes of the president in the media. Interesting Pew Research poll on fake news be surprised on that. And also some interesting poll numbers from Harvard University on impeaching, the president, very interesting numbers, actually we're going to talk with Jennifer coming up shortly, and we're not going to have too much time to, to get into the events of the week. Just a couple of notes, though from the, the, the media note. What to go to a CBS reporter? This is wreck Santa Saberi. And you may have heard all of the hype from the media, the day before the president arrived as to how hundreds of thousands of protesters, we're going to be in London. They said hundreds of thousands were being transported into London to protest against President Trump hundreds of thousands. We heard that number right? Well, here's CBS's Roxana Saberi, covering the protests. Several thousand.

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