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Come by the forums. Remember not everyone uses facebook new people are signing up for the Shire Society, Forum every month. So drop in and say Hello at Forum Dot Shire Society Dot? com. The L. R.. N.. Dot FM social media channels have been revamped. We've eliminated facebook and focused on other platforms like twitter and mastodon. The decentralized alternative to twitter on our accounts you'll find post from multiple L. R. N. DOT FM show hosts together in one place follow us on twitter at Twitter Dot L. end on FM or better yet moved to the decentralized mastodon social media platform at toot dot L. R. N. Don FM T. O. OT DOT. Dot Fm, I, think you'll like it. We have some good news, the indictments against Rossall Brockton the district of Maryland were dismissed with prejudice meaning. They can never be refiled. This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that Ross engaged in murder-for-hire. This was a serious allegation at rolls outbreak denies it was never prosecuted or ruled on by jury, but was trumpeted by the federal government and the media as if it were proven fact, the Maryland Court held these indictments for almost five years. Poisoning says case and leaving him under a cloud of unpreventable Gatien's as explained enrolls appeal to the Supreme Court. The fact that the judge used these allegations to give her all say draconian sentence of double life without parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury trial judges are required to issue sentences based on convictions decided by a jury, not unproven allegations never even charged it trial although this is a positive development that dropped indictment will not set Ross free. Now, a presidential pardon is Ross only hope of. Signed the petition at Free Ross Dot Org Free Ross Dot Org. Now bore of the freshest episode of Free Talk Live presented by cycles by listen online at FREETALKLIVE DOT com. Free Talk Live last Saturday show you can dial in. Toll. Free here and bring up anything that she wants. Numbers eight hundred, five, four, fifty free like freedom. That's eight, five, five, four, five, zero, three, seven, three. We also have our chat server go to chat. On FM, get the instructions on getting connected there, and once you're on the server, you can call in that way and you'll almost like you're here with us tonight it's Ian the Lord Reverend Captain Kicking ends and mark for years Libertarians have been wanting where they finally have in Liberty Dot menu a directory of freedom friendly businesses. If that describes you if you are an individual who rejects the initiation of force and agrees to abide by the ethics of the Non Aggression principle you qualify to use liberty dot menu, you can put your business there that way other freedom friendly folks will find out about you and then maybe they can buy your product or service. Because they didn't know you existed before. So that's the point of Liberty Dot Menus to bring people over to Your Business and bring you over to other people's and not just businesses can be listed also events and digital content that you are the creator of get on over liberty. Menu, you can add stuff to the site for free and you can also use code F. T. Elliott. A special free talk live listener badge on your profile that's liberty dot menu capping. You had a story to share with US tonight about cannabis arrests. This is from Forbes Dot Com. And it says the headline more people were arrested for cannabis last year then for all violent crime put together. According to FBI data. We've been reading this for years the same stories, but you would think but now there's so many states with legalization and decriminalization right and right everybody's making it a low priority supposedly now, not everybody not everybody some states are actually breaking it in. So if you're as I know Nebraska for instances, I guess at Butts right up against Colorado I get a little fuzzy on the square states out there and. They're looking for people just driving across the border pulling him over, and you know you get the weeds Then from the article currently thirty-three states allow for at least some type of medical cannabis use and eleven allow for adult recreational use. The stigma around the drug has also lessened with two thirds of Americans. Now, supporting national legalization of cannabis was even deemed essential in many states during the covid nineteen pandemic. This is true in Seattle Washington. The recreational stores stayed open, they were essential. Go down the store and get your your marijuana. Still despite public support and medical use of the drug cannabis remains federally illegal and arresting people who use still seems to be a big priority for crime enforcement. According to the recently released uniform crime report from the FBI more people were arrested for cannabis in two thousand nineteen. Then for all violent crimes put together, Ladies and gentlemen listeners. This is how. Yet, another illustration of how ridiculous the organization called government is that they're arresting more people for having a plant than they are for all other crimes put together. It's amazing and it's it's not even fair to call marijuana drug because it's not processed. Really I mean. Dried you're talking about the plant I mean there is definitely processing involved if you're talking about an extraction like Hash oil or and wakes. But if you go to the grocery store and you buy some dried sage, they don't call it a drug. No, that's true. Okay. So to say, Hey, kids don't do drugs to include marijuana on. That is less accurate to my mind that including beer which is processed. Very much so and a drug. Oh Yeah. One of the hardest drugs alcohol is hands down with you know tied with with heroin for being the hardest drug. The data from the FBI's report revealed that police arrested a five, hundred, forty, five, thousand, six, hundred, and two people for cannabis related crimes in two, thousand, nine, hundred, nine that restaurant is nine percent higher than the four, hundred, ninety, five, thousand, eight, hundred, seventy one people arrested for violent crimes in the same year. Did. He give you those numbers without reading the whole number just get round up around down to the closest five, hundred and fifty, thousand, five, hundred, fifty, thousand, versus four, hundred, and ninety, five, thousand. Five hundred fifty thousand was a number of cannabis arrests. Yes. Yeah. Five hundred thousand cannabis arrests versus four hundred ninety thousand violent crime arrests fifty thousand more arrests for marijuana than ten percent more. Yeah. Yes. Sorry. Thank you. It would be interesting to see the breakdown by state. Because I suspect that in states like New Hampshire, where there has been decriminalization of cannabis but I keep saying I'm GonNa, put it in a freedom of information request on this, but I haven't done it yet. But to actually find out. There should be a number I was talking with a cop the other day. And normally not supposed to do but there was a cop that had come up to the Joe Jordan Johnson campaign events a couple of weeks ago or he was there the whole time while I I when I arrived he was standing there watching and the rumor was that he was there to to try to shut down the event if more than one hundred people showed up and there was you know non mask-wearing going on there actually went up in spoke to him and he said, no, that's not the case at all I'm actually here I was hired by the campaign I'm here as you know private security. Basically. So there's this like this nasty rumor.

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