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Four thirty four now at O'Hare thirty six at midway Rozelle has thirty four Chicago's lakefront has thirty six. I'm Dave Schwan. And these are the stories that matter on seven hundred twenty WGN. Twelve Sunday morning WGN. March this morning, remembering the great, martial Bodine. Who was on the bozo show Bozo's circus in bozo? Show nineteen sixty eight to ninety four and passed away this past Friday morning after complications of Alzheimer's. He was eighty four years old. There have been no announcements yet regarding a memorial or services soon as we hear about that will mention it on both TV and radio, but they're asking that. If anyone wanted to make a donation that they could do that in his name to Arden courts of Geneva to Hartland hospice or to the Alzheimer's Association. We're remembering Marshall Brodine through his own words in my final interview with him. And some clips this morning also talking with the people who knew him best probably no one more than the man who played bozo. Himself nine thousand nine hundred four to the year two thousand and one Joey de oria bows. Joey, your they're going to go. To the old days. Joey, welcome happy with us. Nice to be with you again. Dean. I wish it was under happier circumstances. Exactly. Right. Exactly. Right. What are your best memories of your old pal? Marshall brody. Marshall, I used to say of Marshall I wanna be Marshall Bodine when I grow up. I've never known anyone who enjoy himself more than Marshall Brodine. He was a terrific guy. He was a tremendous sprinting too ROY Brown. And when I started in with the show eighty four after Bob bell left the show. They just became the three amigos. We we we just had a great time to get it Marshall had a boat out on FOX lake and enduring the down season, we we'd we'd all be out on FOX lake running over an idea. And it is a great way to get to know the guys a lot better. Yeah. I I have to say I really enjoyed working with Marshall ROY very much Marshall Marshall is just a very happy. Cheerful. Matt. Yeah. And and enjoyed making people smile and making people laugh all the time, and he Betrand professor Andy was on with us a little earlier and talked about no matter where you went with Marshall. There would soon be a crowd of people around him as he entertain people with magic tricks things in a restaurant. No matter where you were with Marshall. Yes. Yes. He was he was putting marketable and he had so many wild story. He had a tremendous career. I mean, he he started off as a as a young man working at Riverview. Amusement park is a sideshow Barker. And at the drop of the hat. He would literally go to the side show skill for you, which was which was always a male magazine things like Sarah, sue, the the mule faced girl the girl. Features of a gigantic Georgia mule. Not mummify not made a wet born human mother like you or me. He would go through all of those things and. They were ever just hysterical. It was amazing. Talk to me a little bit about joining the bozo show when you did when Bob bell retired. You were one of the new kids joining this cast that had worked together for a pretty long time. A couple of decades in some case together. What what was it like for you joining these guys who had the rhythm and who had their chemistry in along comes this new guy? Well, I had an advantage. I had some friends out here in California at the time which was where I was living. Who had cable and actually had one of the early VCR players. Those are the things that literally had the. The real is a tape that were like the size of missionary and. And they would and they would put together some of the shows that I've watched Bob bell. And I've watched ROY at after watching a few episodes of. Liberal watching a Bob Dylan ROY Davis going. Okay. I get it. He's abbott. He's costs. Delo that that's the dynamic there, and then Marshall came on. And I remember thinking to myself what is that? He was just so come lately out of left field that it. Pitch stunned me. And and and even the first day. I met him. I wasn't prepared for the level of lunacy that you would get. Marshall road. I think that to me that was part of the charm was. This mischievous anything could go wrong kind of feeling as as you got a little older, you watch the show for different reasons to watch you guys trying to crack each other up. Well, the thing is I don't know anyone who's ever mentioned on on the air with your five mentioned, it is that our scripts alcohol used to refer to it as Chicago school of television. We did not have a set squid. We would have a one age scenario of pretty much. What was going to go on in the story line? And then we would all pretty much live what we were going to be doing and say, and I knew that there were certain setups that I can give boy that I knew I would get the right response. Marshall, however. Doing a totally different show. I would go the bitten all of a sudden Marshall would coming out of left field and talk about something entirely different. And we will just stop this. And I would look at ROY. And boy would look at me and votes walk and go with where Marshall was going. Ohio. That was definitely part of the charm more when when things went wrong when when when props didn't work or a mustache wouldn't stay on when it was supposed to or something like that with Marshall. Well, yeah. Marshall Marshall hated the spirit gum that. He hadn't used to put on the the mustache at. I remember, you know, we we get our dressing room, and he would put on the spirit, and then he would war about how much he hated always going to quit. He doesn't need to do this anymore. And then he'd say I'll see you guys next. He was he was just a delight to be around and. I remember I used to work for Larson. The man who owned and created the magic castle in Hollywood. And I remember I was sitting and I was talking with the bar. And as a matter of fact, I said one of the fellows on the show is a member of the Cavs and raised an eyebrow. And they said Marshall Brodine the minute. I mentioned Marshall Bodine another magician sitting at the bar caps me on the shoulder. You know, Marshall Brodine and I said, yes. And he said mersal dean is just squeeze to the magic world. He violated the magician sacred trust by selling a magic the TV. Magic cards. I need millions. I wish I thought of that. That was that was pretty much. There have been so many stories of magicians who feel like they got their start in magic through Marshall and those TV magic cards in his his magic acts, including David Copperfield, and Lance Burton and many other names as a result of that. But off outside of the whiz. Oh, persona. How would you describe Marshall? I would describe him as probably one of the happiest people. I've I've ever known. I've never heard him say a harsh word against anyone. I never seen him lose his temper. He was always such pleasant, Hoppy, man. And and he enjoyed his life. Mentally, I'm sorry. The last few years where we're not as pleasant or they light of then. But but all in all I would say that was a man who would let a wonderful and very happy life. Yeah. That's that's the bottom line of it all on Alzheimer's, so cruel at strips a person of their their dimension and their their essence. But he lived a great life had a fantastic family fantastic career. Enjoy we appreciate you taking a few minutes to remember Marshall brooding with us, you're doing well, keeping in fact, my wife, and I just got back from Anchorage Alaska. Where we were in a production of the sound of music. And we we we've been we've been working together and having a great time. And of course, I get to go up and visit land children in San Francisco, which is which is always a lot of very nice. And I know you're very busy, and the animated voice as well. Yes, I'm currently the voice of which the cat in the new Tom and Jerry series, and I just finished doing a role in a in a new movie that's coming out. And unfortunately, I cannot stay wouldn't is at this time over gag orders on everybody. Oh. In game. Thrones the movie. Yes, exactly the cartoon the end of the cartoon versus Tom and Jerry, go visit game of thrones. Believe it or not they have actually stolen some plotlines and characters from game of thrones. And thrown into some of the Thomas. Yeah. Not surprise. Joey look forward to seeing you when we come out to California. Thank you so much for joining us today. Okay. Looking forward to it take care there. It is the man bozo. The clown for seventeen years on WGN, Joey oria when we come back from the break southside foods that are favorites as we're here in the south loop this morning on WGN..

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