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Our number one. We had Sean Gary sitting in the chair to my right? Jim Nance is going to be joining us here. Shortly on the rich Eisen show in our number three is the schedule was released yesterday. We'll talk about the CBS games that he will be calling with Tony Romo, and he called the remarkable Tiger Woods victory at the masters just last week on the back end of the Super Bowl. And of course, the national championship that Virginia took down one year after being taken down by sixteen seats so much talk about with Jim later on we asking your poll question, which is the most compelling and fell games in week number one. But it turned to my right right now. Welcome back on the show. I'm thrilled to have you back here. It's been a while because he was promoting Luke cage as he was Luke age. Pat last time he was here. But now he's in the new film, but breakthrough that is the first Twentieth Century Fox film to be distributed by the Walt Disney studio motion pictures, the none other than the man himself. Mike Colter in this movie that is available. In theaters near you coming up this very week on Wednesday, April seventeenth good to see you, sir. How are you going to see you to what's going on with you? You're just traveling all over the country and travel, you know, making me man, you know, bouncing around doing a couple of films breakthroughs the one that currently promoting this right opened this week yesterday yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. I just realized I said that it's coming soon with either near you. And I gave a date that was yesterday when I worked to shows yesterday, Mike, I'm a little bit audiences smart. I think they picked up on like we got new. New you starting yesterday they broke through yesterday. So you are a fan of the Lakers. I know we had this conversation. You also are partial to the warriors. Yeah. Yes. Well, let's start. Let's start with the Lakers. I in what the hell I call this. I called us. I mean, call to sit on the air. But you know, when the Lakers made a big move. I felt like you know, this is profitable. Because the the west is very different. It was going to be a rebuilding stage. There's a lot of things from the management, and he'd be fixed. They were trying to do something that you know, you can't just fix it when Kobe left I it was really it's it's a mentality. It's a sort of it's sort of. It's the thing they have the re kind of revamp. And I think they're gonna take them a while. Well, I mean, obviously, you know, what happened with Magic Johnson was just an absolute business often wrong. I I think I think ultimately he took the fall because I there was you know, there was the lay off from the rest for some some of the stars. We leave. You that way? I mean. Yeah. I mean the team didn't finish the season because they got hurt. Stan. Yeah. That and then, you know, the rest of them, just, you know, does it they shut it down and magic I think the Luke Walton thing I don't think magic was co-signing on that. I think magic felt like maybe that that was the right coach. But other people probably didn't want that. And so he felt like if I give into this. I may as well leave because we're we often run into the wrong direction. That's an interesting. So you think here's the issue is that who's gonna come as a free agent to come team up with LeBron with everything that's going on just like this. I think I think they'll will be some people who will be interested..

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