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To get going. But here you clones calm. I like it finally contact getting much better. We go into our third and final hour, and we bring that up. His I'm giving away a masterbuilt smoker. Best content gets it telephone number as one eight zero zero six three six eight six eight six we are live. We are in the Quicken Loans studios. Apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. You can win that masterbuilt smoker with a good phone call. You can win it with great tweet. Great Email any kind of post on any of our social stepped up. We're talking hockey next segment. Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul MAURICE joins me. Then as an example. A number of you are not wanting to hear anything about the referees jamming the saints like this guy. Hey, New Orleans Saints fans bowl Higa, baby. How about little bit of background? I hate to actually spell it out myself. But for those who do not know what that means. Can you help them often is now the city of champions get used to it deal with it? Okay. And until you step up bring home, some hardware you earned the right to talk to smack not just because you're from Cleveland. Okay. Bohai Kabbadi that stands for bend over. Here comes again. A phrase that I'd never heard before that guy called and one that I wish did I can only hear and never hear ever again. Which brings me back to this Email. Hey, New Orleans Saints fans Bohe baby you dominated most of the game yet your coach decided to continuously get cute numerous times and to take one of the best quarterbacks of all time out from under center and kill all momentum and allowed the Rams to hang around. And then what happens you get jogged by the zebras who apparently used to be an LA ram Matt in Palm Springs, VO he Kabbadi. They had him on the ropes early on. They had them in trouble early on. They had both hands around their throat early on and couldn't show. Come out, rancher tough. The Rams are really tough. L as a football town. I tweeted it yesterday they're going to the Super Bowl two years ago. There were four and twelve and now they're going to the Super Bowl, and they were the early favorite. At Ryan in h town tweets. By the way, that guy is on the shortlist for a smoker. The last one I read rien Houston tweets, not for not five not six not seven three not for not five.

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