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Next Friday can we say these words okay good next Friday when I when I walk in the room to start the process over whatever we all you know the spin around whatever that will call back face off thank you when we do that I want I want entrance music and I would like it to be this because he's crappy no he's Krueger but he did have me three crude scrap tanks now I have to restate something I mentioned last hour which is that tonight he spelled craft old crap with the seat normally we spelled with a K. every single time Krueger has given me crap picks he has gone one and two every time that's a trend that is a trend that can make you money you can take these crap picks goal the other way and then poof you're making money but those were all crap picks with a K. these are crap picks with a C. I'll just say that as a cabbie ought so you understand if something shakes up this weekend we know where we made a mistake all right so groups crap pecs with a C. we're gonna start with none other than Penn state the Nittany lions minus six and a half over Minnesota this is a game that you can wake up and watch right away tomorrow I think it's a nine o'clock kick off I will also mention he has picked Penn state on the crop picks before and lost he hard Penn state over Michigan in that big game against hardball which Penn state one but did not cover because of a back door cover from Michigan so he might just have like a cross on Penn state I would like some again minus six and a half over Minnesota maxed Georges St over university of Louisiana out mon role this is a high level kraut pick because none of us could even name the mascot for either the stains but we do know Georges St is that's Georgia tech Georgia tech is the yellow jackets Georges St no idea this is small time small school now here's a problem with cruise graphics he also doesn't have the greatest hand writing and so I'm searching on our online right now to find out what the spread is for Georgia state and Louisiana Monroe because I want to confirm that I'm reading the number correct that he wrote down here it is yes I am reading it correctly likes Georges St minus two and a half over Louisiana Monroe whatever I don't even know what to say about that groups crap thank you I I do know the Georgia state has won four games in a row Louisiana Monroe was lost two games in a row Georges St six into this year Louisiana allows three and five you're out all that up to my question is are they only a two and a half point favorite something smells that's why it's a crap lastly we go to the NFL the New York Giants play the New York football jets I have to admit if he does again go one and two I'm gonna pick this as the game he wins even though I find this to be a tough one but I'm going to stick to a role that I came up with about four five weeks ago and it has served me well so far and that is all the teams in the NFL even more so than the dolphins the jets have given up the jets have totally given up you can see it with the locker room remember all the trade deadline talk Robby Anderson was rumored are Donald is out the weirdest year Jamal Adams that weird rumor came up and and Adams was really really offended by the whole thing I think he finally spoke to the GM apparently they clean that up this week but the jets from an emotional standpoint looks like the most fragile team in the NFL now will they come out of it due to the fact that they're going against their in state rivals if you well and also going against an even younger quarterback prone to some mistakes in the jets defense is in terrible I don't know bot grooves crap this logs the New York football giants minus three over the New York J. E. T. S. jets jets jets so once again to recap groups crap picks Penn state minus six and a half over Minnesota Georges St minus two and a half of a Louisiana Monroe the New York Giants minus three over the jets no your not some also like crap thank you for joining us some also like about these when you do three picks I don't like it when you pick all favorites I never liked out because that just speaks of someone who's like well they're gonna be them and so yes let's take a move like wall but they have to cover a number a fell into that trap with Penn state once before I don't know I feel about it luckily they're not live they are crude crap all right you know what.

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