Albert Einstein, Thomas Keller discussed on The IVY Podcast - #60: How Prime Movers Create Legendary Companies, featuring Forbes Midas List Investor & Entrepreneur, Mike Maples Jr.


What would that be well let's see it it for me it's not even just entrepreneurs rights i have this saying i like to call it a prime movers so i think that most of us live by the rules of other people's making and there's a small number of people in this world that i called prime movers who don't necessarily accept those rules and they they realize that most of the rules of this world that you experience are made by people who already smarter than you are any more talented than you they just had the courage to declare i have a new point of view follow me and so when i think a prime movers it's not necessarily entrepreneurs like you could start up if you are an entrepreneur but you could have a recipe like thomas keller the french laundry or you could have a um what i say like a formula like albert einstein you could have a dream you know like him okay and so the main thing that i look for his people who say entrepreneurship is the way i'm going to express my gift in life for the world and i don't know how to back i don't know how to think about how i had helped thomas keller and i don't know how to think about how i help the next einstein or how it helped the next other prime mover in another sector but i do know something about entrepreneurs it so i try to find those people before the rest of the world believes.

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